The 1 of 15 Gas-Hole Gasser and some RLC sneaks: My fireside chat with Chris Walker and Brendon Vetuskey

I am really digging these Instagram chats. A chance to sit back with someone interesting and learn a little about what they are working on, what they collect, and on and on. Hopefully those that have watched are liking it to. I plan on making it a regular thing and I have some cool guests lined up. And I even added a chill fire to last night’s chat.

I had good reason to talk Brendon Vetuskey of the Hot Wheels Design Team and master customizer Chris Walker last night. They have paired up on a truly unique collaboration, creating a special limited ‘55 Bel Air Gasser to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

To have the actual designer of the Hot Wheels ‘55 Bel Air Gasser partner with one of our hobby’s most well-known customizers is truly unique, so I thought it would be cool to talk to both of them about it. Chris gave us some of his history and Brendon dropped some RLC sneaks as well.

There are details on the sale of the Gas-Hole during the feed, and I will be dropping all the details later today. In the meantime, enjoy our fireside chat:

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