Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 US L Case

Where is the Case Report?

Coming. I usually go with the photos sent by Wheel Collectors, but with a hectic week taking every waking minute last week, we will improvise. I opened the US L Case sent by A&J Toys for YouTube, but will use the International L Case, set to arrive shortly, to take pics for a Case Report. So it is coming.

In the meantime, the US L Case:

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  1. That 55 gasser is so much cooler than dirty blonde. I went ahead and got a couple of the dirty blondes, but I did not vote for the name. I do not remember the other names offered, but gas hole would have gotten my vote. And that aqua color is spot on to something I might see at the stock car or quarter mile track. As far as the case goes, we are drowning in multiple old BOD’s that were gone through by the local vampire as soon as they were put out. Unlike the current BOD’s here, that case looks to have bunches of goodies for my collection. That 69 mustang tops all previous ones in my collection. Could not wait to open that kia could you.

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