Cool upcoming Toyota Chaser, NSX, Civic, Diorama collection And More From Tomica Limited Vintage.

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I’m always very excited about new products from TLV. And the folks just announce tons of upcoming products including existing and early sculpts that are originally intended to be shared at the now cancelled Shizuoka Hobby Show.

All photos from TomyTec Minicar

Apart from the pair of Nissan Gloria Vans which I’m eyeing on the Hyogo Prefectural Police version that are releasing on September, I do not have a specific date yet for these but here are the models I’m very excited about.

Highlight for me is definitely the Honda NSX Type-S and finally it has come to TLV. This casting will be a very nice addition to my collection and although its still an early sculpt, you can be assured of the details and quality of the final product.

The Toyota Chaser Tourer V a saloon version of the Supra is also one of the model that is highly anticipated by collectors. A couple of collectors can relate the chaser with the popular Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 / Shutokou Battle.

And yes the Honda Civic SiRII that comes with the car lift similar to the Tomicarama Yokohama Tires Workshop will add nicely into my Civic collection especially with the awesome color scheme.

Many more models such as the Isuzu Nihon Fruehauf 239 Wing roof trailer including their new series Dicolle 64 (Diorama Collection 64) are in the pipeline to drain our wallets and yes I be getting all! The force is strong with TLV!

They will all be available to pre-order at Japan Booster in no time.

(Find Tomica Limited Vintage on Japan Booster)

Watch their preview video here.

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  1. I hope in the next 5 years Tomica branches out into modern cars with the same quality and detail.

    1. Tomica? I don’t think so as they are in a totally different category. The closest is Tomica Premium.

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