Lamley Interview: Felix Holst, former VP of Design at Matchbox & Hot Wheels

One interesting element of quarantine is the embracing of the technology we have to communicate differently. Instagram Live feeds have been flooded with great discussions, I have participated in Zoom symposiums, and even with everyone home there has been a sense of a new type of connection.

I certainly have enjoyed that aspect. I have reached out to a few folks that I have thought would be interesting to talk to, and whether I know them or not, they have been great about chatting. I want to keep it going, so look for more IG Live interviews from me, typically on Thursday evening.

One such interview, that I thought was fascinating, was this that I had with Felix Holst, form VP of Design for Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Felix oversaw Matchbox when it went through a full revamp in the mid-2000’s, and moved over to running both Mattel brands a few years later. We talked models, philosophies, challenges, and more.

Unfortunately, IG isn’t great about saving these long feeds, so I have to rely on my phone’s screen capture and transfer to my Lamley Extras YouTube Channel to make them last beyond the 24 hours IG keeps them up. So below is the interview, broken into two – the full interview totals just under an hour – and I hope you enjoy it. I certainly did.

I have a few more lined up, including tonight with Rod Chong, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to the Lamley Extras Channel for their permanent home.

Part 1:

Part 2:

3 Replies to “Lamley Interview: Felix Holst, former VP of Design at Matchbox & Hot Wheels”

  1. It’s a new world outside, better embrace, learn, cope etc. with it..

    One little thing got lost in communication though..

    The 2020 Matchbox MGBGT is called Coupé..

    Big oopsy..

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