Preview: Hot Wheels Car Culture Wild Terrain

Finally, a proper premium Porsche 959. Not a street 959, mind you, but a Rothman’s Dakar Rally 959. Fabulous.

And it’s part of yet another stellar Car Culture set. My preview is below, and you can find the set at Wheel Collectors:

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  1. I absolutely love the 959! This is one I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I realize they couldn’t use Rothmans tampos, so my one nit pick is the yellow stripe should have been gold. Now bring on a street version!

    I am also a big fan of the LR Defender. And this one is near perfect! Love the yellow body/black roof and the search and rescue theme is a great way to go. I’m also a Unimog fan, but I’ve yet to see a release that I like. This one is getting a bit closer, but I’m not sold on the red & white paramedic deco. This casting looks great, but the deco makes it just so so for me. The Bronco is cool. I grew up in SoCal, so I should probably be collecting CHP, but I’m not. I’m just not a big truck guy, so I’ll likely pass on this one. The monster truck rally/bog racer Camaro is an easy pass for me.

  2. Hot Wheels already did a street version Porsche 959. It’s last release was in the Porsche series a few years ago.

  3. had mine a few days, and the Landie is definitely the best model in the entire selection, the worst, well, thats overwhelmingly the Camaro.

  4. A decent set imo but, other than the Porsche, none of the models really excite me. The 959 is the highlight here due to the significance of the Dakar rally and also being a cool casting. But ultimately it’s not the street version and I would way more excited if it was. One of the most iconic and important cars of the not just the 80s but of all time, as it laid the foundation for a lot of cars that came after. I hope Hot Wheels does (“re-does”) the street version in premium sooner rather than later.

  5. Very excited for this set, just got my hands on them. Absolutely, looking forward to the 959, like everyone. Love the historic livery, lots of detail (the signal lights? on the roof).. but I didn’t realize til I had it in hand that the rear window is tampo’d on??!! Is there a real reason for this?? It should be part of the window-piece, and you’d see the roll cage inside! Am I missing something?

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