Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Challenge Stunt Car

Model: Ferrari 458 Challenge

Line: HW Stunt/2013 mainline

Where to get it: HW Stunt Ferraris on Ebay

Why it’s in my collection: Hot Wheels branded race cars are some of the coolest liveries out there and this Ferrari is no exception. Lime green and covered in skulls, this 458 stands out from the standard red or yellow Ferrari fans are accustomed to seeing. The metallic green wheels and green windows really pull the look together. This Ferrari and the similarly decorated red Camaro ZL1 from the same era are some of my favorite Team Hot Wheels cars and they have aged pretty well since 2013. Whether you’re a Team Hot Wheels fan or a Ferrari fan in general, this is one of the most unique and wildly colored Ferrari variants out there and looks great rolling down some orange track 🏁

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  1. This was a neat release, and surprising that Ferrari approved it.

    A similar version exists with a higher level of detail and those tri-spoke high-speed wheels. It was part of a Team Hot Wheels Target exclusive three pack with a DVD. It’s a nice car, if you can find it these days.

  2. Luckily, i found one of these… I think it was a local diecast seller at a flea market.. scooped it up when ‘Lamley’ did a couple mentions or features about it. Even though I still have it carded with some wrinkles on the card, I’m holding on to it.

    Funny, but around the time I got this green rim edition from that market seller (this was about 5 yrs ago), I knew about a HW’s Target Test Facility multipack containing the the 458, but by the time I went back to see if it was still there, it was gone.
    At the time, the seller (a couple of senior aged brothers) didn’t know what certain cars they had, but if you knew what THEY had, you could score great deals. I purchased a black & red HW’s Bugatti and probably paid easily no more than $5!
    The older brother started to catch on to what he had and began to price the selected items appropriately.

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