Remove the cool factor of RWB, and the Hot Wheels RLC Porsche 930 is still an extraordinary model.

But you don’t have to remove the cool factor. You can’t. The point is there are a million ways to look at this RLC RWB Porsche, and none of them disappoint. At all.

I am trying to not go into full hype mode, but what am I supposed to do? RWB Porsches illicit a reaction. A strong reaction.

The same goes with writing about them. I will try to be as bland as possible, but if I put a photo of the car next to that bland sentence, hype mode begins. Watch:

The Hot Wheels RLC RWB Porsche 930 is coming out tomorrow and it is painted black:

And it has an opening trunk:

And it has opening doors:

And the interior is detailed and has a separate a roll cage:


You want to punch me in the face for hyping this model, but I didn’t do anything! I just showed some photos. And you want it.

But you already wanted it. At 12000 made, this model will sell out as fast as the website can sell them. The want is real.

And of course it should be. I have said numerous times over the last few days that I have covered this that RWB and Nakai-san’s approach to his creations is more art than auto, and this RLC release reflects that.

Nakai-san takes what is already a beautiful machine and makes it his canvas, keeping the heart intact but transforming into something completely new. HW Designer Brendon Vetuskey did the same thing with the Hot Wheels RWB, taking an already spectacular Hot Wheels car and turning it into something worthy of the most elegant artistic display.

Yeah I turned on the hype in the last paragraph, but I truly believe it. I think this RLC RWB is art. Look at the upgraded detail outside of just the moving parts. The extended spoiler, the separate engine and exhaust, the front grill and rollcage. It’s stunning.

This model will become a Hot Wheels legend. With only 12K made, many who want it won’t get it. In time it will be one of those models circulating in high-value raffles and reposted ebay screenshots.

But don’t let that distract from the beautiful model it is. It isn’t just a replica of a modified Porsche. It captures the essence of RWB, and is a truly special model. It lives up to the hype.

4 Replies to “Remove the cool factor of RWB, and the Hot Wheels RLC Porsche 930 is still an extraordinary model.”

  1. Let’s wish for the model’s value to be undercut the moment this gets on the mainline. Doesn’t matter if it’s got no opening parts. Doesn’t matter if it winds up as a $uper. As special as this release is, I don’t think a “pleb edition” would hurt the 930 too much.

  2. I am all in. Hope I can get one today. This BADBOY will look great next to my Magnus Walker one with figure. GOOD LUCK ALL RLC Members. Me included.

  3. I was lucky to get me 1 today. Took me 34 minutes. Was worried that I was going to miss out on this BADBOY. But got lucky. Cannot wait for it to arrive here in JAGVILLE,FLORIDA to put beside my Magnus Walker Porsche with mini action figure. Thanks MATTEL.

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