Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Dodge 330

Model: ’64 Dodge 330

Line: Hot Wheels Since 68/40th Anniversary line, 2007

eBay link: Hot Wheels Dodge 330

Why its in my collection: Do you ever see a car hanging on the pegs and just know that it needs to come home with you? The 330 Dodge is one of those cars. I love this casting. My dad had a ’64 Polara when I was younger and this is as close to a Hot Wheels version there is, so as soon as I saw it I knew it was a must-have.

The car made its debut in the 2007 Since 68 line wearing RL2 redlines and a gorgeous metallic black paint job. Despite its good looks, the casting has only been used three times in the 13 years it has existed: this version, a 2015 RLC Neo Classics release, and the 2019 metallic orange mail-in car. I truly think this is a highly underrated casting and would love to see a Ramchargers or Color Me Gone version as a premium with those rad cheater slicks that were on the RLC Willy’s last year.

The car has a demanding presence. It has smaller wheels up front and a bigger set out back in order to give it that nice hot rod stance. The Dodge has minimal tampos which makes you appreciate the body lines even more. Simple DODGE logos across the hood and trunk, silver body and window trim outline, and detailed red taillights pop against the black paint. Three colors go a long way on this model.

Since this is a model released outside the typical main line, it has a few premium features like the metallic paint and metal body and base — which help give the bumpers a more realistic chrome look over the traditional “chromed” plastic. The red interior is just icing on the Mopar cake.

As you can tell I broke out some vintage Hot Wheels track for this LD. The red track is from the Dixie Challenger Getaway Spinout set, and the red, white, and blue track is from a Thundershift 500 playset — and I thought the colors went well against the 330’s black paint. Now feast your eyes on the beauty that is the Hot Wheels ’64 Dodge 330 🏁

Bonus track shot using a 2013-ish drag racing Hot Wheels playset.
Black and white because art.

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  1. In real life this car was a killer at the dragstrip: big block V8, 4 on the floor, bench seat, and no options like radios/AC/power anything in order to save weight. Some even lacked power steering. Total manly-man car. And yes, this cast does very well in gravity races.

  2. I’m still annoyed this hasn’t been used again… Yes we’ve seen the opening hood one twice but would be nice to get this one as-is back.

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