Ferrari Back to Tomica and here’s all the 23 Prancing Horses since 2018

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Here are the compilation of all the Tomica Ferrari since their return in 2018. It’s definitely good news for all mini car collectors and the Ferrari castings are remarkable especially on the Tomica Limited Vintage Series that come with a high retail price tag. The Ferrari brand also branched out to Tomica Redbox and Premium series which also shine equally well with quite a sizeable collection over 2 years with a total of 23 castings.

What’s interesting is Tomica does not hold the Ferrari license. Instead it’s “borrowed” from Maisto and Bburago part of the May Cheong Group and no one knows when this relationship will end. Hence there is no better time than now to kickstart your Tomica Ferrari collection. In this article, I will give a break down on each of the casting according to their release date since it’s first release in 2018.

No.62 LaFerrari + No.27 Tomica Event Model LaFerrari 

Date of Release: August 2018

Many collectors are excited about the LaFerrari release especially when Tomica build up the hype by revealing the silhouette of the casting as a teaser. The setback is these castings are all Japan Exclusive and not available on other markets that carry the Tomica brand. Hence this create a surge in demand especially for the First Color in Black and prices are also very high in the secondary market for this one time run special color which include the Tomica Event Model in white.

Unlike most Tomica Redbox the LaFerrari does not come with any opening parts. It comes with plastic insert headlights and beautiful body color that is close to the real thing. The standard sports wheels thankfully not the button wheels also comes with a standard factory suspension. I like the overall presentation especially the beautiful body curve and stance. Last year the Ferrari license extended to Hong Kong and Taiwan and these castings are reissued with the NEW for 2019 decals on the first issue boxes to the delight of many. Hopefully the Ferrari license will continue to expand to other regions.

No.06 Ferrari Testarossa

Date of Release: August 2018

The Ferrari Testarossa is perhaps among one of the best Tomica Premium release in terms of aesthetics and feature. This is also the casting which Tomica release the very first Commemorative Color in red box with the Testarossa in White instead of the regular black boxes just like the First Color. Unlike the Red Box series the plastic wheelsets of the Tomica Premium never disappoint.

It comes with a realistic set of Ferrari signature star wheels and the whole setup looks perfect. Highlight is definitely the retractable headlights with just a push on the lever at the base. The Testarossa comes in 3 color including a yellow variant which is a Takara Tomy Mall (Japan) exclusive.

No.64 488 GTB

Date of Release: November 2018

With the demand for the Ferrari still piping hot since August, Tomica released the pair of Ferrari 488 including a First Color in yellow which was instantly gobbled up on the first day of its release. I can imagine its demand as there is a purchase limit when comes to certain popular casting in Japan especially for collectibles.

Just like the LaFerrari the 488 GTB has no opening parts with plastic front and rear lights close to the actual car. The body of the 488 GTB is sleek while generating more downforce and reduces aerodynamic drag. This casting is definitely a good call by Tomica especially when it was named “The Supercar of the year in 2015” and 2017 “Best Driver’s Car”.

Ferrari Set

Date of Release: December 2018

The 4th Ferrari Instalment before the end of 2018 is the Ferrari Boxset. This is by far the only boxset release by Tomica with 2 castings unique to the set apart from the color variant yellow LaFerrari and 488 GTB in white. The open top LaFerrari Aperta is my favourite for this set. This casting in my opinion is super sleek with the perfect signature Ferrari body color in red. The elegant and simple “racing” stripe makes the LaFerrari Aperta look aerodynamic and stylish.

The two-seat open top 488 Spider from 2015 does not pale in comparison with the Aperta. It comes with premium body paint finish in blue and standard factory suspension with no opening parts. The sleek looking 488 Spider also pairs very well alongside with the Red Box 488 GTB.

No.17 512 BB

Date of Release: December 2018 and February 2020 (Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive)

The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (BB) was the second Ferrari casting released by Tomica Premium along with a Commemorative Color in yellow. The Red Box 512 BB was very first released by Tomica in the early days. Tomica invested quite a fair bit of effort on this casting with 2 opening features on the rear and also the retractable headlights just like the Ferrari Testarossa. The 512 BB comes in 3 color including a black variant which is a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive released in February 2020.

No.11 Enzo Ferrari

Date of Release: June 2019

It was not until 6 months later that Tomica released another pair of Ferrari castings and boy its a blast with the arrival of the Enzo Ferrari. The Enzo Ferrari has always been my most favourite Ferrari Hot Wheels casting and its really a dream come true for me when Tomica announced their release. In the Ferrari world the 2002 Enzo is extremely limited with a total of 399 units and named after the company founder Enzo Ferrari. Developed using the Formula One technology the Enzo is contemporary and a signifiant casting in my Ferrari collection.

Just like the rest of the Red Box Ferrari castings. The Enzo has no opening features with plastic insert headlights and a standard factory suspension. The regular version looks outstanding in signature Ferrari red body color. In my opinion I’m slightly disappointed by the First Color in silver which I hope it will come in yellow. Still it is an outstanding casting and an interesting one to compare with the Hot Wheels mainline.

No.13 Dino 246 GT

Date of Release: June 2019

Similar to the Red Box, the Dino 246 GT is the only Tomica Premium casting that does not feature any opening component with only a standard factory suspension. However it comes with beautiful details for this evergreen classic built by Ferrari in 1972. The design is considered ground breaking in those days been one of the “Top  Sports Cars of the 1970” and also the “Top 10 Greatest Ferrari of all time”. I like the overall presentation for this casting such as the highly detailed headlights. The intricate silver trimming on the window and realistic wheelsets. It also pairs very well with the high end Tomica Limited Vintage at a much higher price range.

No.32 F40

Date of Release: September 2019

The F40 pair together with the Commemorative Color in Blue was highly anticipated by collectors after many were impressed with the TLV version that comes with a premium price. At a scale of 1/62 , the F40 comes with the opening rear engine hood that reveals the detailed engine compartment although not quite close to the TLV version. Still the Premium version is a remarkable casting that comes with realistic headlights and signature star wheelsets given its affordable entry retail price. The sleek looking Commemorative Color in blue also has a premium finishing and make the casting looks high-end.

No.59 F8 Tributo with First Color

Date of release: February 2020

The Ferrari F8 Tributo which billed as a replacement for the 488 GTB with a heavy facelift is the latest Ferrari release by Tomica. At 1/62 scale, the whole casting looks aggressive yet appealing. The premium paint body color is also a given for both regular and First Color version. What surprises me is Tomica decided to make the F8 Tributo in Ferrari signature red body color as a First Color instead of blue. All its previous releases including Tomica Premium has red Ferrari as a regular color.

In terms of features the F8 Tributo comes with a standard factory suspension without any opening parts. What I like is the realistic rear lights that comes in clear plastic and in contrast the painted headlight is a disappointment.

If you are a Ferrari fan, there is no better time than now to start expanding your Ferrari mini cars collection with a wide range from Tomica.

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Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video on the entire Tomica Ferrari release.

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  1. I still wish I saved enough dough for that Ferrari 4-pak. I technically only want the LaFerrari Aperta in it (for a fun feature with HW’s blue Huayra Roadster), but the problem is that no one would want to sell those in singles, and taking away just one would strip the set of any resale value. Worse, I’m pretty sure I missed my chance at finding that pack for under Php1500 (about US$30 converted) and all the other resellers are putting them out for at least 1.5x sticker, if not double. Ugh. It doesn’t help that the drop-tops are just excellent.

    1. Hi I think these are still continued to be produced by Tomica its on the retail shelves everywhere in Japan including countries that carry them. Keep a look out in eBay. Yes no seller will want to break the set and overall its a nice set TBH. Cheers!

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