Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Greyhound MC-8 Bus

Model: Greyhound MC-8 Bus

Line: 1980/1983 Hot Wheels mainline

Where to get it: mint condition or in need of repair, eBay has a Greyhound bus to fit any price range

Why it’s in my collection: Simply put, it’s cool! The Greyhound bus is an iconic mainline from the blackwall era, designed by none other than Hot Wheels master Larry Wood. While they are plentiful on eBay, the bus had a relatively short run. According to some of the historical information I was able to find online, the bus made roughly two appearances in the early 80s: one in the 1980/81 line-up and again in 1983. Each release wore the same red, white, and blue Greyhound paint scheme and those six beautiful blackwalls.

I found mine at a local Hot Wheels/diecast show for around $10…which if you consider the weight of the thing, it ends up being around a dollar per pound. Kidding about the weight of course, but the bus is HEAVY. Like after an evening of Vegas buffets heavy. It has a solid metal chassis, body, and three axles of wheels – enough for it to put a real hurting on a rival sibling if tossed with some spice behind it.

The Greyhound was made during a period of very heavy castings. The bus, the blackwall Peterbilt Tanker, and blackwall Thunder Roller have to be three of the heaviest single mainline Hot Wheels out there. Imagine seeing a tri-axle, metal body/metal base mainline on pegs today!

The casting may be a brute but it does have nice detail. The front end has GREYHOUND across the “grille” area and the rest of the chassis has body lines molded into the metal. The roof has a skylight cutout in it where you can see the rows of seats inside….which are also metal.

The Greyhound Bus is so rad! The color, the blackwalls, the weight?! It has definitely earned a premo spot in my Hot Wheels display case! 🏁

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  1. Plus it’s really fun (although not a runner) down the the gravity track. Especially at conventions with the long runs!

  2. When I was about 7yrs old, I traded a coveted Heineken bottle cap (very collectable for young kids in the 80s 😉 …for this very Greyhound casting.

    Best deal I ever made… until my buddy’s mom found out and demanded I give it back.

  3. Looked familiar….I DO have one, in pretty good condition, in a Jammers case about a foot from my feet. Love the buses. And this one is really sturdy!

  4. My mother worked for Greyhound when this came out in ’80 and she brought one of these home for me when I was 10. I know I’ve still got it somewhere…just gotta find it!

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