Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Hino TC343 Fire Truck with Ladder

Model: Hino TC343 Ladder Fire Truck

Line: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

Ebay link: These are expensive, but realistically priced between $250 and $350. I wouldn’t consider prices any higher, or would wait for Japan Booster.

Why I am featuring it: I am lucky to have this one. Some look at it as the most expensive Tomica Limited Vintage model there is, but I would rather classify it the most detailed. You do not need to be a fire or emergency collector to appreciate this one. In fact, no matter what brands or types of models you collect, I would say if you can find this for a (somewhat) reasonable price, it is worth it. It is a work of art. And incredible example of what the highest quality brand in 1/64 is able to accomplish.

It starts with the scale – perfect 1/64 – and then goes to all the details. Hoses, knobs, levers, tools, lights. It goes on and on. Plus a functioning ladder on a pivoting stand. It definitely was not made for the sandbox, but you will still find yourself in kid mode with that ladder.

I recently did a video on my Top 10 TLV, and I can honestly say it wasn’t entirely accurate. I decided to focus on just the cars, because if I expanded to all TLV, this would easily be at the top.

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