Lamley Daily: Revell Lowrider ’64 Chevy Impala

Model: ’64 Chevy Impala

Release: Revell Lowrider Magazine Issue #148

eBay link: Revell Lowriders

Why I am featuring it: Revell Lowriders are well out of print. All of the releases (and there are many) are desirable and sought after by many collectors. I scored a bundle of these with severely water damaged packaging almost a year ago. I got them for an amazing price and thankfully the water damaged packaging did not effect the cars inside. One of the many joys of collecting loose.

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  1. These were awesome! I recall a premium line that Hotwheels did, however, unlike the aforementioned these had a central ball joint on each axle. That feature allowed for the the car to sit askew, & the ability to achieve the “3 wheel motion” look. I have two models from this series, & to this day they are included amongst my favorites.

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