Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels The Dark Knight Rises Lamborghini Murciélago

Model: Lamborghini Murcielago

Line: Batman 2018 Series

eBay link: Hot Wheels The Dark Knight Rises Lamborghini Murcielago

After countless of Hot Wheels Batmobiles released by Mattel, the 6/6 2018 Batman Series Lamborghini Murciélago driven by Bruce Wayne is every collector favourite casting. It’s a tough one to hunt down as well, I remember back then I can only find one on the pegs which I keep carded and the other from my buddy for my feature. What stands out for me is definitely the understated matt finishing on the body and the black PR5 wheelset which really blends into the Gotham City ambience. The casting is quite detailed as well with printed livery on the headlights and also the rear with the Lamborghini logotype. If you are Batman fan, this Lamborghini Murciélago will definitely be on your want list. 

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      1. Totally~ This was out of Left Field when they released it with that Batman series, and it was a perfect nod to us collectors/Bat-fans who would be looking for more than just recolored Batmobiles. That the other recolors in this series were also some of the best they’ve done was just the icing on the Bat-Lambo-cake!

  1. The only problem, is that this car appeared in The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises features an Aventador. Big oversight on Hotwheels’ part, but I got the set, including this casting, anyway.

    1. The colour is really nice but the casting itself isn’t really that great (by comparison, the Aventador was much better) and the thin rear wheels sitting way inside the wheel wells are just horrendous. Another one of those cars that needs a redesign. The JDMs and American cars are getting retoolings one after the other (2 R32 Skylines, 2 Silvia S15s, 2 300ZXs, 2 NSXs, countless Mustangs, countless Camaros, countless Chevelles, countless Chargers…) so why the discrimination against supercars?

      1. You make a good point on the 10-20 year-old supercar castings that could stand an update. If I took a guess as to why they are being overlooked, probably because we’re getting 3-6 new supercar-brand models each year, and the older castings will still sell in series like Nightburnerz and Exotics and multi-packs.

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