Preview: Matchbox Moving Parts Mix 2 & upcoming Bugatti & Lamborghini

I took to YouTube this week to preview the upcoming Matchbox Bugatti Divo and Lamborghini Centenario, and they expectedly both got a lot of attention. What might have been lost in that video is that I also previewed Moving Parts Mix 2, which – supercars or no – is pretty loaded.

So, if you haven’t watched the video, here it is. Lots of Matchbox radness.

8 Replies to “Preview: Matchbox Moving Parts Mix 2 & upcoming Bugatti & Lamborghini”

  1. “…any color you want, as long as it’s Black.” lol
    Very excited for all four of these new releases. The Divco and Divo will make great customs~

  2. I love these, but it’s more tantalizing than anything else. I’ve seen less than a quarter of the vehicles they’ve released, and the Walmarts near me stopped carrying them at all. Nobody else seems to have them in my neck of the woods, either.

    If I could find them, I’d love to get that Divco and the black Ford pickup–I think it looks much better than the gold Superfast release, and the price point is perfect.

  3. Here’s a question I’m sure many are wondering, when is the first mix of Moving Parts due to hit stores?

    OK, yes, I’m being a wise guy. My point is this line has been nothing but vapor ware at stores in my area up to this point. Nothing but empty pegs everywhere (Walmart is the only retailer who “carries” it) from the very beginning of this line’s launch, with the exception of the occasional Trezor. I’d love to be excited for this line, but the severe lack of availability is going to have me moving on and dismissing this line altogether.

  4. If we could get these in 16-or 20 count cases, so that the pegs don’t sit empty for a year or more waiting for one or two lost or stolen ghost pieces that will never sell because they’re not there to move and trigger a reorder, we’d have a much better chance of getting ahold of them before the few remaining locations also give up on them and put them on clearance forever.

  5. No one seems to be getting the models at their local stores, so where exactly is Mattel selling them? Not in California, not in the midwest, not in Europe… for sure the Targets and Walmarts locally in my area too don’t have them. And not sold online for a buck. Frustrating.

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