Lamley Daily: Greenlight Motorworld Lamborghini Gallardo

Model: Lamborghini Gallardo

Release: Greenlight Motorworld Series 2

Where to Buy: They pop up in a couple different colors on eBay

Why I am featuring it: A lot of people are not aware that Greenlight ever released a Lamborghini. This casting was manufactured by High Speed and released previously under the Malibu International brand as many of the early Motorworld castings were. The level of detail and quality of these early castings varied greatly from casting to casting. Some had plastic wheels while others had rubber. Also, some castings had inserts for lights and some were painted. This one is a good one with rubber tires and inserts for lights. It was released 4 times in the Motorworld series (Release 1: Green, Release 2: Blue (this one), Release 4: Yellow, and Release 5: White).

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