Tomica Latest Ferrari F8 Tributo is a spot on including a NOTEworthy patrol car

(Tomica Ferrari F8 on ebay)

Since 2018 Tomica has bring back the Ferrari brand and release quite a number of quality castings that continue to excite many diecast collectors including Ferrari fans. I hope the “borrowed” license stays and Ferrari be made available to more markets outside Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

No.59 F8 Tributo with First Color

This month Tomica release the latest Ferrari F8 Tributo which is billed as a replacement for the 488 GTB with a heavy facelift. The Tributo comes with the most powerful V8 engine till date with weight reduction and much more faster than its predecessor. In my opinion Tomica did a great job with this Tributo in 1/62 scale. The whole casting looks aggressive yet appealing. The premium paint body color is also a given for both regular and First Color version. 

What surprises me is Tomica decided to make the F8 Tributo in Ferrari signature red body color as a First Color instead of blue. All its previous releases including Tomica Premium has red Ferrari as a regular color. Been a First Color especially in Red this casting has become highly popular with collectors and it was sold out on the very first day of its release in Tokyo even with a purchase limit. In terms of features the F8 Tributo comes with a standard factory suspension without any opening parts. What I like is the realistic rear lights that comes in clear plastic and in contrast the painted headlight is a disappointment.

No.21 Nissan Note Police Car

I consider the Nissan Note as not a popular casting majority of the makers choose to stay away but not Tomica. They take pride in making a wide range of Japanese cars regardless their popularity and that’s what captivate me. 

Although I have not seen the actual patrol car in Japan I’m pretty impress with this casting in 1/63 scale. This patrol car from Saitama prefecture has sharp and accurate Japanese police livery with a crest in front. No opening features for this casting sadly and comes with a standard factory suspension. 

The Nissan Note also comes with a typical Japan police siren in a separate unit and this casting is definitely a great addition for patrol car collectors and to your “civilian” Nissan Note collection regardless it’s popularity.

(Tomica Ferrari F8 on ebay)

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4 Replies to “Tomica Latest Ferrari F8 Tributo is a spot on including a NOTEworthy patrol car”

  1. Good god, the photos are full of stars. They look better in this blog format than on IG. And it shows on the F8 — it’s such a great-looking casting.

    One thing I’ve admired in some modern Basic Tomica is how low they are even with the boing-y suspension. It makes swapping them with Real Riders or Mainline HW rims a breeze without worrying too much about losing functionality. This F8 is a must-have — now how in the world can I get my hands on the red one?

  2. Those same wheels on all the basic Tomica sports cars. Guess they’re fine if you only have a few but once the collection goes over 5 it becomes very annoying.

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