Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels 2019 RLC ‘69 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup with adjustable height

Model: Hot Wheels ‘69 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup with adjustable suspension

Line: 2019 Red Line Club Exclusive

Where to get it: Sold out on the RLC, so try ebay or a friend who has an extra

Why it is in the collection: This is not the normal place I would showcase a new RLC model, but considering the Tootsie Roll’r Supernova Gasser goes on sale shortly, why not? I didn’t preview this one, so photos work now, and it will get its video due soon with the final category of the 2019 Lamley Awards – the Best RLC Model – now ready for votes.

It also seems like this we have watched the development of this model for a very long time. In fact, the first time we saw it was when Designer Brendon Vetuskey showcased an early 3D print way back in October of 2018:

Man all those have come a long way, but considering most were released within the last few months, you can see how long it takes to develop a model. Brendon gave us another update in early 2019:

And now it is done, and in our collections. Brendon has been designing for RLC – among his many responsibilities – and has really taken it to another level. RLC members are already paying for the highest quality models Hot Wheels can do, but he has now introduced all kinds of cool features, from opening parts to this crazy cool adjustable suspension.

The truck is pretty as is, but this added suspension feature takes it much further. I prefer lowered, especially with those aftermarket wheels, so that is how I display mine. But maybe a future release will sit on more stock wheels, and I will display that in the more stock height. The wheels are unique to this model, considering they don’t sit on standard axles, so I imagine any other style of wheel would have to be tooled up specifically for the truck.

All aside, that root beer color! It is nice to see a proper C10 from Hot Wheels – Ryu Asada did a great version for the basic range – and hopefully we see more. If we don’t, we got one that can’t look better.

4 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels 2019 RLC ‘69 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup with adjustable height”

  1. There are a few issues potential buyers should be aware of. First, each wheel has it’s own axle. This is part of the design allowing the raise/lower mechanism to work. One of the consequences is wobbly wheels. If you like to roll your collectibles along your desk, this model will not satisfy.
    Second, the tampos. Many buyers have complained about the beige side graphics being crooked. That’s a lot of tampo to be unregistered, and if you get one of these goof-ups, you’ll be hard pressed not to notice.
    And finally, I have heard a few collectors received models with chips along the upper rear edge of the pickup bed.
    If you like to roll the dice, and you are fine with a static display model, it’s worth the risk. This truck looks like an understated million bucks.

  2. Something that disappointed me was the interior. It’s looks like someone filled it halfway with cement and left only the top of the steering wheel and seat back visible. Not sure if it had to do with the new suspension but it was real bummer.

  3. Is it just the tampos, or does it look to anyone else like the driver side of the bed is bent, or bowed up, while the passenger side is straight?

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