Lamley Daily : M2 Machines Datsun 510 Auto Meets

Model: 1970 Datsun 510

Release: M2 Machines Auto Meets (7000 pieces worldwide)

Where to get it: Hobby dealers, eBay, got mine on ModelCarWorld.

Why it is in the collection : loved it when I saw it listed. Did not really plan to get it, but it is my first 510 3-doors from M2 Machines (well, actually my second as I discovered I already had the orange one with the Datsun Hauler from M2 Machines).

I love the Gulf-like deco (no license here), the inscription on the back window, mirrors, gold rims. All in all, no regret on this one. I am not a deep M2 Machines collector, but I really appreciate to add some chosen pieces from time to time. This Datsun is part of it.

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