A tour of my office collection, plus the Hot Wheels & Matchbox models I recently purged

I was talking to a friend the other day, who looked at me and told me he was a little worried about me. I asked why, he said he noticed I hadn’t dropped a video in a couple of weeks and thought I had finally burned out.

I told him I just needed a break. Not from diecast, but from making videos. Those are two VERY different things. But a comment like that always makes me think. I have said that if I ever lose the joy for collecting, I will give up Lamley in a heartbeat. I am not there. I still really enjoy collecting, and being a 1/64 collector has never been more fun. There is a ton of good stuff.

But that might be the problem. We always run with the “collect what you like” mantra, but what if there is too much to like? That is why awhile ago I set boundaries. It’s my office. If my collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox is too big for the wall displays and cases in my office, I have to cut it down. It was getting there, so I used my break from video making to dig into the collection and thin it out.

I did pretty well. Lots of models were transferred out, soon to be made available to others via transaction, and I have space. Going through the collection also helps me get a clear view on where my interests are, and there were many models that had fallen on the outside of those. I also made a few tough decisions, but sacrificed some good models in the name of space.

So I made my return to videos with a tour of my office and collection, and photographed what was purged. Watch the video, take a look at the photos. Those are the results of some tedious, but worthwhile, work.

7 Replies to “A tour of my office collection, plus the Hot Wheels & Matchbox models I recently purged”

  1. I watched both videos on YouTube. Congratulations on your collection! What a pity you had to dispose of these miniatures. If you want, I have space here to adopt some of them, lol.
    Congratulations on the blog and the videos, Lamley!

    1. Check fabric stores (Jo-Ann, etc) or other crafters stores and look for Creative Options (brand) Double-Sided Multi-craft carrier case.

  2. As an Englishman, it saddened me to to see all the land Rovers being purged, but not half as sad as hearing the word “alpahbetised”.

  3. I have that problem in the UK . If my Matchbox collection gets to big for wall space………I fill the mail lite boxes they came in…… My alphabetical order is ……………… Need that….. Want that……. VM… Very mint. M… Mint. S.H.I.T… Not very good. .. My wall space is near my window….and heater. Us Mbx junkies should stick together.👍😀…. Keep collecting education alive…..

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