A story about white rims

Today I want you to travel a little more deeper into my collection, and I want to make a more transversal article, less focused on a particular car or manufacturer. More on a subject.

Today we are going to talk about white rims. Why white rims ? Because I love it (at least on diecast), and it allows diversity.

Let’s be perfectly clear : I can’t bear white socks, I think it’s one of the ugliest things on earth. But strangely, white rims sublimate a car, in my opinion.

Of course, you will find white rims mostly on race cars. And that’s a good start.

Let’s have a look at my favorite ones : OZ Rally Racing white rims, that are iconic rims of great days of Rally, and Touring Car. You may know my love for touring cars, and so does for Rally.

Oh boy, this Alfa Romeo might be (might) one of my top 10 favorite mini cars in the collection (it could be a nice subject to do?). I discovered Microchamps (Minichamps 1:64) once in a while, and after some eBay research and some weeks, the collection was already nicely growing, and bang!, I found a lot with the 4 Alfa Romeo ever produced – 2 with white rims and 2 with black ones – in Germany. Toolings are getting old, but were very very nicely done at the time they have been made.

This Opel Calibra in DTM version Cliff is also a total must have, and white OZ rims match the black color so well.

OZ rims are also mostly known for Rally, and, as a benediction, there have been such good replicas of 1:64 rally cars out there. I think about CM’s corporation, the defunct brand that has replicated many rally cars.

You can see here a CM’s Ford Focus WRC Colin McRae sporting white OZ rims.

Thankfully, modern manufacturers show a real interest in race cars and rally cars, as Tarmac Works with this highly detailed Subaru Impreza Rally Japan, sporting more contemporary rims.

This more transversal subject brings us to street cars sporting white rims. And there is a lot, of course more on sporty cars (white rims on a big sedan or limo would be strange), and that is exactly what I like.

Even if it is not white, one of my favorite sport cars of all time, the Ford Sierra Cosworth, sports OZ rims; it’s successor, the Ford Escort Cosworth, often sports white OZ (I can’t wait to see Greenlight execution of this casting for sure).

We obviously can’t make a subject on white rims without talking about Honda Type’s R. Those cars might be the reason why I love those rims, as it is very iconic to see white rims on a Integra Type R, NSX Type R or a Civic Type R.

My current favorite Mini GT is this particular Honda Civic Type R FK8 Modulo version in black, which is a Malaysia Exclusive.

As well as my favorite Inno64 Honda Civic FD2 is this blue Mugen. For once, I made a wheel swap for this one (remember Inno64 offers extra set of wheels, or decals). Like decals I hate to apply, I don’t like to do swaps as well because cars are small and fragile, and moreover the axles are just a little too big for the holes of the rims. But the results is just “whoa”, i’m such in love with this Mugen in white socks.

You can note that the brake calipers are blue, like the car.

Oh, and don’t think white rims are reserved for common sport cars. This Kyosho Ferrari F355 Challenge is a no brainer.

In the background is sitting a street Mazda 323 by CM’s, which is a secret chase version of the rally version.

To finish this overview, I want to show one of my favorite AutoWorld : the Corvette Z06. It seems modern castings from AutoWorld don’t get much success, as this Z06. Though I think it is a really nice casting, and I love the way the hood opens.

As far as I’m in love with collecting AutoWorld, I dislike chases versions (at least not realistic ones, like for example red tires, or white tires, or unrealistic colors combinations). I also find no interest in raw or Zamac versions. I’m looking after realism as much as possible. I believe it is truly a main difference between European and US collectors, as I observe here that Green Machines mostly don’t sell very high in price, and there is not much interest.

But my Ultra red Corvette Z06 which white rims is the exception that does prove the rule. Ultra red being chase version with AutoWorld. This candy color is OK for me, and the white rims make the version. I grabbed this nugget on eBay Germany for around €15. I adore it.

This adoration for OZ white rims has also pushed me to grab this $TH Porsche 934.5.

Thank you for reading this more transversal article that I hope you loved to follow, and please don’t hesitate to read my other posts and come say hi on my Instagram page. Cheers.

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  1. Interesting article and take on this sub-category. I remember as a teen loving the look of white rims, even painting the wheel covers of my first car, a Mk I Jetta, white before going back to stock. I have grown out of it and can’t say I care much for them on road cars these days. Though I do admit they give a great look to rally, touring and GP cars.

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