INNO64’s Mercedes AMG DTM 190E EVO II is a Must Have

This might be the coolest INNO64 release to date. At least it is for me. The moment I saw it arrived at SURPLUSgoodies I had to have it. First of all, I am not usually excited about  Mercedes models. However, the 190E Evo II is one of the best looking cars to come out of the 90s and is my favorite Mercedes of all time.

This model is a miniature replica of one of the Evo’s that dominated the 1992 DTM (“Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft” German Touring Car Championship) season. This particular #3 car was driven by Klaus Ludwig and won the championship that year.

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The racing pedigree of this car aside, it’s hard not to be struck by the look of this car. Racing liveries can sometimes appear too busy for some palates. This one has just the right amount of busy with the two-tone color, striping patterns, and tastefully placed sponsorship graphics. It is just a damn good looking race car.

The delicate details on this model are borderline unbelievable for this scale. In addition to the complex livery, look at that Mercedes hood ornament, the tiny antennas, and the tow hooks. Even the tint on the headlight inserts is accurate to the real deal.

Head over to SURPLUSgoodies and snag one while they are still available which likely will not be for long. I have a feeling this model will get more expensive and harder to acquire as time goes on.

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