Meet the sedan of 1995 : Inno64 Honda Civic Ferio

I’m writing as promised my second article about Inno64 models, focusing on a particular model I have in my collection.

Today i would like to focus on the Honda Civic Ferio, a sedan car of 1995.

The Ferio is the sedan version of the 5th generation of Honda Civic (it existed 3 types of bodies : 3 doors, coupe, or sedan). Sedan meaning 3 volumes for the car (bonnet – side with doors – trunk). It existed various types of versions and engines. The model car is an EG9, which i believe was the biggest engine near 160hp.

I may be wrong, but i think this is the first time this type of Honda Civic has been made in 1/64 scale.

This minicar is made in the pure Inno64 style : it is low, has a fantastic stance, great details (did anyone notice the red trailer hooks in the front and rear ?), antenna, on measure rims, disks and calipers …

The Inno model proposes 2 types of Ferio : road car and race car.

On to the road car. As always, it gets a sporty look, and fits perfectly in the style of the guy who pampers his car during the weekend.

Mine is in metallic blue with gold rims (i have an extra wheels set I will not use, as the gold ones are perfect to me).

I particularly love the fine details like the photo etched Honda logo on the front. Again, please remind that all these details are spectacular for a car less than 7cm (2,75 inches). They are in diecast/metal and not in resin, but remain quite fragile (little pieces like trailer hook can easily fall off). They are meant for display.

That being said, that’s sadly my only road version. I’m really hoping to add other colors to my collection. Yellow, black and white ones have been released.

On to the race versions.

Inno race models are mostly turned into Touring Cars. And that is COOL. I am personally fond of Touring Cars since my childhood as I was raised at BTCC (British Touring Cars) and Supertourisme.

Imagine. The action is set in the mid 90’s. You go with your dad on Sunday to the track near home, for a race that is holding here. Pilots are fighting for the win in sedan cars, with unbeatable sound we might never hear again.

Your dad car is a sedan. You almost see your dad car on the track. These race cars were everyday cars, with additionnal decorations and liveries, extremely lowered, cambered wheels, spoilers set up at just 3 or 4 millimeters of the ground. And, ok, engines and technologies more and more complicated almost to become camouflaged Formula Ones.

This love for Touring Cars might be one of the reason I like to collect sedan cars. You can find a lot of them in my collection. I often read Lamley’s love about wagons, mine could be of sedans.

Add to that a dose of JDM and you make me happy.

But anyway, this is what Touring Cars used to be. And in Japan, it was called Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC).

Among Toyota Chaser, Nissan Primera, Mazda Familia and europeans manufacturers that joined the challenge like Alfa Romeo or Opel, we could of course see Honda Accord and Civic Ferio.

I absolutely did not want to miss this 1995 Castrol Mugen Group A #16 livery. Color scheme is fantastic (such a classic at the end), tampo print is really good. Man it is so neat.

I found a picture of the actual car for you to see how high the details are.

Photo credit on

This other version is a presentation version called All Japan Touring Car Championship 1995 I did not find very much information about. I can’t guarantee this version has exactly existed.

Finally, I want to show you the Spoon Sport version that raced at Macau Race in 1995. Macau GP is a well known race holding in the narrow streets of Macau City, also known as one of the most dangerous races in the world.

Inno being a Macau based manufacturer, I will have many occasions to show Macau race car versions in future features.

This shinny version version also existed, as you can see below.

Photo credit on

I would be very happy if future Inno64 releases are bound to Touring Cars, specially if they tool the Toyota Chaser. It would be a perfect companion to the Honda Ferio and Honda Accord.

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  1. That’s a really awesome Civic! The blue is my favourite. Oh and I see you have a cool Integra Type R and some FD2s as well.

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