[Diecast in China, Part 1] Double Ferraris: MY64 250 GTO & VMB F40

Hi, my name is Stan and I’m going to introduce a variety of models on the Chinese market to you. Most of these brands you probably never heard of.

I wanna start with two Ferraris from two brands: one is a 250 GTO from MY64, the other is a F40 from VMB. Both are resin, yet there’s a huge difference between them.

Right: MY64 250 GTO. Left: VMB F40

First, Let’s talk about the 250 GTO. This is by far, the most delicate 1/64 model I’ve ever seen from any company. Just look at it and you’ll understand.

The inner package opens up to the front.

It’s hard to believe this is 1/64. Look at how many etching pieces are on there! Look at the tiny seats and steering wheel! All the wires on the hollowed wheels! The screws on the headlights! The leather buckles on the hood! Every detail was replicated and downsized to its finest. This is, a 1/43 handmade model shrunk into 1/64 scale.

The package is just like a 1/43 handmade model’s.
it comes with a little card telling you which number this model is. Mine is #005.
Another angle. The model managed to catch that sleek look of 250 GTO.
The rear. You can see the hollowed out double twin exhausts. The gas cap and the tiny trunk lock are etching pieces. How cool is that???

Here are some details. It’s gonna take forever if I talk about them all, so let pictures do the talking.

Magnificent, isn’t it? Now let’s look the the not-so-good VMB F40. This model’s problem is obvious: proportions. It’s too big and bloated to look like a sharp F40.

They put all the decals and etching pieces here. Like anyone won’t mess it up while sticking these to the model. You’ll have to use a needle for this.
The proportions are really off here. F40’s lines are supposed to be sleek and the car is not this thick at all. Also, the wheels are too big, totally lifting the car.
The rear looks okay, but still the big spoiler is somehow crooked. The grill is totally hollowed up though.
Look at that!

Now put it up with the TLV F40. Oh god what a difference. Anybody can tell that TLV’s proportions are more accurate.

From this view you can see how much taller VMB is compared to TLV. Also, the steering wheels and seats are on different positions.
They look pretty close from top, but TLV’s crispy engine details are unparalleled.
VMB’s hollowed grill is neat, yet overall is a solid TLV win. Proportions means a lot.

Last, I put three cars together and you have a great trio, enjoy!

At last, bear in mind that there is a good reason why these are not sold in US: they’re unlicensed products. For those who doesn’t care, take them while you still can because all of these makes might be just a flash in the pan and never reappeared again.

6 Replies to “[Diecast in China, Part 1] Double Ferraris: MY64 250 GTO & VMB F40”

  1. Glad I didn’t order the VMB F40. The 250GTO is just Spectacular!! Best car in 1/64 so far, by miles honestly.
    Can’t wait for my pair.

  2. Great writing, It’s nice to see someone offering a very unbiased appraisal of models, praising where deserved, but also critical where deserved too.

  3. Are you getting the PGM version of the 250 GTO as well? That one also looks really good and i hope them continue making small and exquisite models like these

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