Lamley Daily: Majorette Porsche 934 Vaillant

Model: Porsche 934

Line: Majorette Vintage Deluxe

Where to get it: eBay has a few

Why is it in the collection: This awesome 934 with Valliant livery is a must have in my Majorette Porsche collection. In my opinion it’s a good contender with the Majorette VW Polo WRC with stunning paint work, rubber tires, suspension and opening doors.

It’s also hard to find as I only encounter once in my local Toys”R”Us. Watch the YouTube video here.

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  1. And their 2020 catalogue is so great, too. Formula E cars debut, we get a Hyundai i30N in the cheapest line, plus the R35 GT3, AMG-GT R (interesting comparison vs Tomica), KIA Stinger and Alfa Giulia QV in Premium + Racing lines, even the new 992 (again a good comparison test vs Tomica) and a freakin’ Lambo Sian! Jeez, Majorette is going hard.

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