Lamley Daily: 2015 Hot Wheels Dodge Power Wagon 29th Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive

Model: Hot Wheels Dodge Power Wagon

Release: 2015 Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive

Where to get it: The Convention is long over, so eBay is a good bet

Why it is in the collection: So far I am a completist for the Hot Wheels Dodge Power Wagon. It is not an easy collection to complete if you are just getting started now. There is of course this Convention model, released at the LA Convention in 2015. And even more difficult, the RLC Party release from a couple of years earlier in pink, pictured below. Not to mention some hard-to-find Garage releases. If you are into this model, and want a good-looking premium version without going all out for the purple or pink, keep in mind the third Convention release of the Power Wagon will happen at Hot Wheels Nationals in Charlotte in April. If you have tickets, you can get some. If not, just know that many will be made available on the secondary market soon after.

Even with this blue version coming out, I am still keen the pink as my favorite, and today’s #lamleydaily, the purple. But between all the premium and the newly formed basic version (coming soon), I am a big enough fan that I will keep pursuing all.

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