Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari 512BBi

Model: Ferrari 512BBi (Red)

Release: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

Where to get it: Japan Booster is a great place for all the TLV Ferraris

Why it is in the collection: Because no matter the Ferrari, actually no matter the model, if it is made by Tomica Limited Vintage I want it in the collection. The Lamley Daily is back, and I don’t want each post to be too long, but I felt this is a great way to load up the LD again. The TLV Ferraris might be the most significant addition to 1/64 since Hot Wheels Car Culture. No 1/64 Ferrari has ever looked as good as the beauties TLV is rolling out, and I hope we see more. The F40 has deservedly gotten most of the attention, but the series of 512’s need some too. This is the first release, not to be confused with the red model with a black lower half. When I see a gap in the Ferrari releases, maybe I will do a full post on all of them.

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  1. That’s a beautiful model. I’m collecting all tlv ferrari I can get from japan booster… But I’m a little disappointed by the lack of variety of models.

    I would like them to make older classic or even modern ferrari models.

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