Unboxing: Matchbox 2020 T Case (Mix 2)

This mix is hitting stores as we speak, and my case arrived from A&J Toys last week. So here it is.

As a reminder, Matchbox is now doing fewer cases, and not repeating models, so each case will have more new editions. The assortment seems a little off, but there some must-haves to be sure:

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  1. Not a bad mix. I wouldn’t go as far as to say loaded, but definitely a few gems in the AMG GT 63, Ewy Rosqvist Mercedes 220, Porsche Panamera, BWM 2002, Lamborghini Gallardo Police and VW Mk 1 Golf. I found these at a few stores yesterday and picked up a few models including; the AMG GT, Porsche,Lambo and VW. Sadly, I was not able to find the Ewy Rosqvist Mercedes or the BMW. The search continues!

    Since these are now 1 wave and done, I can see this case has actually been hitting for a few weeks around here, but the only ones I’ve been seeing are the bright orange Hummer and a non-licensed model or 2. Yesterday was the first time I found anything worth taking home.

  2. Some nice models there but will we be seeing them in the UK? On the 8-week schedule we should be getting the next “new” case in early-mid February so there’s a chance Mattell may jump straight to mix 3 (or case U or whatever…) So far their new distribution, through Tesco, has been less than great. We got 2019 case G in August, then jumped to 2020 case 1 for October, missing the last 2 cases of 2019. For December we got ANOTHER 2020 case 1 (a new batch with a couple of minor variations, but come on, Mattell, you’re taking the ****!) With no really new models since October, the current stock is selling slowly so not even sure the stores will be ready for more stock come February. Only one of the 2019 cases got “official” distribution here so once again we’re having to go overseas or hope the swag merchants, sorry, pound shops, come up with the missing batches. With the pound still low they’re not getting as much as they did a year or two back.

    1. I hear you mike. What on earth has happened here? Why is Mattel hiding mbx from UK? It was/is a brand what is respected here. Hotwheels everywhere!!!!… May not be all or up to date but somehow they snake that brand everywhere. Why not play both?… We see or here for mbx but its out of reach… Or taste of which is lost to most of the world…. Hope to see the above at our ONLY Tesco. Also the 50th superfast etc….HA!.. 50th …65th…!!!… And more…. Last year ONE 2019 batch. Mbx short cards have been sold in USA . probably ours!!!!.. As for one below I missed that poopking batch. Not one in my area sadly.120 mile round Trip… I can’t be bothered and given up. Good luck.

  3. Some nice models there, hope we will get them in the UK as the new distribution deal with Tesco seems to be running a bit erratically, missing some batches then duplicating others. Not sure what Mattel are playing at with only one each of the new castings but three of some older ones. We missed the first issue of the backhoe here, and the Sambar only arrived via the back door at One Below so they will probably sell OK but I fear the Hummer will hang around; from observations of what gets left behind, kids here don’t appear to share their parents’ love of 4x4s. And, is it just me, but does that Golf, great casting as it looks, have an identity crisis? Looking at those graphics, is it a Golf GTI or a Rabbit Injection? I assume the alternative/after-market “Rabbit Injection” graphics were considered not suitable for a kids’ toy!

  4. Can you please tell the number of each model when you pull it out of the case? like number 5 of 100 or whatever? Thank you.

  5. Great cars, terrible assortment. Only orange Hummers and generics clogging the pegs. So many in fact a future restock may be months away 🙂

  6. I managed to find most of the cars I wanted a couple weeks ago such as the Porsche Panamera, BMW 2002, and the Subaru Sambar Truck at Target. Naturally, all of the Golfs, AMGs, and Cadillac Series 62s were gone. But just yesterday after work I was able to encounter remnants of a B case restock at Walmart and managed to snag the last Mercedes AMG GT 63 S. Still no Golf or Series 62. I don’t get it. Are they that desirable? It’s like trying to find Car Culture. All this hype for mediocre castings. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but are they worth snagging every single one of? What’s ironic is that I found this batch first and then found the A case assortment a little bit later. It should’ve been the other way around. But, I’m just happy to have that beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia, ’75 Chevy Caprice and so on. On a side note: Target, can you please offer more peg space for Matchbox? Four pegs? Really? It’s such a joke! You can’t even fit a whole case worth on there! If you do a reset like you always do every year, can you double the peg space please? Thank you.

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