Matchbox Mini Moment

So, unfortunately this week my package from Wheel Collectors hasn’t arrive on time so Monday I will be doing my first delve into my collection. I had a feeling it would not get here until this coming week. But as it is going half way rough the world you can’t expect it to be an overnight. But I still wanted to put something brand new up. So how about this…

Tesco in the UK are starting to stock the 3rd 5-pack of 2020, called MBX Construction II (dated M45 if anyone was interested). The first of this name appeared as the 2nd 5-pack of 2019 and I see it as a funny little nod to the turn of the century when we had a number of packs with a “II” moniker after them.

The 5 vehicles included in this pack are the MB862 ’66 Dodge A100 Pickup, which sees its 2nd 5-pack release after last year’s MBX Wild pack, this time sporting the really cool Gulf livery which has been seen on the VW Beetle 4×4, Ford GT and Ford F-150 Raptor already in the Matchbox world. We also get another Ranec liveried model. The MB840 Water Hauler hasn’t been since 2017, but returns in only its 2nd use outside of the basic range. It’s good to see these returning liveries as this has been around for about a decade now. There is also the MB1073 MAN TGS Dump Truck which, after 2 uses in the basic range in orange followed by red, now turns up in blue with simple detailing to match its predecessors.

The MB789 Skidster has been around since 2010 and has seen a number of designs over the last decade. None have been purple before though. The “agriobio nutrients” livery is a new design and very modern sounding. It is the future of agrobusiness, as it says on the side. Finally the MB924 ’14 Chevy Silverado 1500 sports a nice green look with a Native Landscapes and flowers design on the side. It also looks good with the open dot-dash wheels too, which debuted on the 2017 debut of the Jeep Gladiator but have not been used an awful lot so far. Hopefully they will get a lot more action soon.

So a short bite-sized snippet of new Matchbox stuff to whet your appetite as I will shortly be putting up the main event for this week. Stay tuned for Monday.

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    1. My personal rule is that I’ll only buy a five pack that has at least three licensed castings or two licensed castings if one of them is a casting I don’t have at all. It’s saved me a lot of money since the cost cut.

  1. Good to hear this set has turned up at Tesco but it does beg the question, what on earth has happened to 2020 Case B? Ever more amounts of Case A continue to be put out in the stores I’m visiting!

  2. What a shame having to be parcel fixed. Once a normal product for ALL…… As above 5 pack I will buy it ,…but construction ?? Stick a tipper in and that will do……. Pink and purple emergency set soon??….. Let’s say with a garbage gulper?… Keep it real MBX…

  3. I’m not blown away by this set, it’ll be easy to leave on the pegs. A bit cartoony in the colors. And GULF?? For a construction set? Come on…
    I should be thankful they didn’t put an INC-liveried model in here or I’d be forced into buying the 5-pack for just one model.

  4. Cool pack! Can’t wait to find it. The licensed models are excellent of course but I also like both of these originals. Skidster is a fun casting that I’m glad you see continue. The Water Hauler originates from the Faun Dump Truck that started over 40 years ago. Warms my heart to see it around still.

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