Tomica 2019 Highlights and 50 Years into 2020

Hi my name is Chen Yilong from Singapore a.k.a @hotkustoms on IG. I’m very delighted to be part of the Lamley Writers Team and I will share the latest Tomica and Tomica Premium series here on a weekly basis.

I’m a bit of collect everything guy but when come to Tomica I’m all in. 2020 is a big year for Tomica. It’s their 50th Anniversary hence I’m expecting a lot of exciting release to share with everyone.

Today I’m covering the highlights for 2019 (Red and white Box also known as Red Box) Tomica. Red Box is Tomica mainline which is their bread and butter. Every month Tomica will release 3 castings including a First Color release.

Unlike the regular color which Tomica will keep manufacturing up to 3 years or longer. Special First Edition or First Color Tomica with (初回特別仕様) labelled on the box are highly sought after by collectors. They are the first batch release and will not be available after.

2019 comprises many fantastic release with a total of 36 castings which I will highlight 6 of my favourites for this article.

No.113 Toyota Hiace (First Color)

This Hiace is probably my most favourite van casting from Tomica. The details are on point with quality paint finish on the body with a combination of white and off white color.

Although there are no opening features with standard factory suspension like majority of the 2019 castings, the detailed interior, clear headlights and added rack is a big plus

I also like it’s overall proportion at 1:64 scale given that all Tomica comes with inconsistent scale to fit into their 2 size regular boxes.

No.14 Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny is no doubt my most favourite casting for 2019. It’s relatively small given its large scale at 1/57 and it’s surprisingly cute. I love Kawaii castings and this Jimny is one of them. It looks zippy and ready to roll just about anywhere.

Although no opening features other than the suspension, its simplicity and its funky look with bright neon body color really draws me in.

I hope Tomica will release more variants of this Jimny such as the Japan fire department version which is now in service.

No.11 Enzo Ferrari

Tomica has quite a consistent release for Ferrari since it’s return in 2018 after an absence for 30 years. I’m happy the Ferrari is no longer a Japan exclusive and have extended its license to Hong Kong and Taiwan late last year.

This Enzo is the only Ferrari Casting release for Red Box Tomica in 2019. It looks realistic with clear headlights, beautiful curves and signature red body color that is well receive by many collectors.

At 1/62 scale it is comparable to a couple of my favourite Hot Wheels Enzo castings.

No.70 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

This is one sleek looking casting and a very popular one among collectors. I’m impressed with all Tomica Lamborghini and this SVJ is a killer.

It looks realistic with clear headlights and detailed with aerodynamic plus razor sharp angle. I definitely like the signature green body color which make it looks badass over the first color in pearl white.

In recent years Tokyo has become a very competitive hunting ground for Tomica unlike the past. I have to rush down to Tomica Shop in Tokyo Station last November to get this pair of SVJ on launch day before the first color are all gobbled up in matter of hours. Compared to what I found 2 days ago back at home days after it release.

No. 117 Toyota GR Supra (First Color)

When Tomica announce they are releasing the Gazoo Racing Supra which is a collaboration between BMW based on the Z4, many collectors are excited to expand their Supra collection.

My first impression for the Supra is ok. It comes with a standard factory suspension. No opening features although the Tomica collector in me wish it has. In my opinion the First Color stands out for me over the distinctive red with a more premium feel.

When comes to photography, Oh Boy! It looks absolutely gorgeous with all the body curve and I really enjoyed taking photos of this casting. I will make some time to unbox the Tomica Shareholder Supra in yellow variant and take photos along side with the pair of mainline.

No.22 Volvo XC60

The Compact Luxury Crossover SUV XC60 is one of the most anticipated casting among collectors when Tomica announce its release. It’s also the first casting for Volvo car apart from Tomica Volvo buses.

This casting lives up to my expectation. Beautiful body paint in pearl white which makes it looks premium. Nice proportion at 1:64 although I do not have another casting to compare to. Standard suspension and YES! opening rear door. I hope to see this casting appear in the Tomica Premium and also TLV series.

I’m also glad that Tomica is not totally eliminating opening features for Red Box release which can be seen on their upcoming awesome Aston Martin Vanquish in March.

As a passionate Tomica collector I try my best to feature every of their latest release. I have been doing for quite a while now and I’m very happy to share with all of you on The Lamley Group page along with my fellow writers.

Do enjoy the Flash Unboxing on all 36 2019 Tomica Red Box release video here. Happy 2020!

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  1. I am hoping that some of these will come to Canada via Walmart. Seeing some Ferrari ‘s would be great. Yes they are expensive here but i look the quality they have. Nice to all the new writers on the blog . It makes for a nice change YouTube videos.

  2. Ah, yes, Tomica Basic. They’re probably some of the best mid-range models in the world, and this year proves it. But I kinda wish the Jimny and the Hiace had extra functionality–particularly the van. Of the supercars, I say the Ferrari and McLaren Speedtail are tied in first with the Lambo a close second. Their Toyota Century is also notable–it’s the cheapest example of a Century, beats the Supra out quality-wise, and even the 1/70 scale still works (it’s the Cararama scale). Finally the XC60 is the dark horse pick; superior to the CR-V in every way, it’s also a good reintroduction for Volvo in Red Box.

    This makes 2020 exciting. Aston Martin is debuting (this may not be as big a headline as Ferrari but they matter) with one model each on Basic and Premium, we get a Porsche 992 from them (which should make the comparison with Majorette’s own 992 quite exciting) and with the 50th anniv celebration, it should bring some nice cool exclusives.

    Now I wait to see a piece on Tomica Premium, which I’ve always thought of as the ideal die-cast brand that combines play value and collector feel.

  3. it would have been better if tomica put side mirrors on its cars, for me it doesn’t look complete without it.

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