Preview: Hot Wheels 2020 Fast & Furious Premium Fast Tuners

I don’t make it a secret that I am not as well-versed in Fast & Furious folklore as some. It seems every time I post an FnF showcase video or post there are comments about when a person drove what car in what movie. Something along the lines of “That S15 was driven by Larry during the race in the forest when Harold crashed his Buick in Really Furious and Somewhat Fast 7.” Or something like that.

For me, the value of the Fast & Furious lines that Hot Wheels releases lies in the models created. They sometimes debut in outrageous outfits, but the casting is made, and there is no doubt they will eventually appear elsewhere looking wonderfully stock or close to it.

Then again, FnF or not, we have had some real gems hit the FnF line looking fantastic. I am thinking of the black Defender 110, or the green G Wagon, or that fantastic pair of Chevelles. For every S15 in a ridiculous orange stripe, there is jet black R32. It all evens out.

So 2020 starts in a really good way with Fast Tuners. That S15 I mentioned appears again, this time in gunmetal grey with a black hood, but the stars of the show are the new EG Civic in yellow and white WRX STI. Mattel sent the set over to preview, and you should see it in stores soon. Here is the video, photos will follow soon:

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  1. And your point shines even further with the release of two new castings in this batch, the ’92 Honda Civic and updated Subaru Impreza WRX STi. The liveries aren’t that bad either. The yellow with the black hood makes for a good combo on the Civic. The plain white on the Impreza will be an instant hit. This one blows the outdated Impreza WRX hatchback out of the water! Well Target, I hope you get this batch in. You’ve gotten all the other batches in 2019 so keep the flame alive and get this one!

  2. Civic is the only one I really want. Going to rip it out of the package do some touch ups and stick it in my Honda case.

  3. Okay I’m going to be “that” guy and explain the cars… Orange Julius’ RX-7 is in the first race in 2F2F against Brian’s silver R34, Suki’s pink S2000 and Slap Jack’s Supra, and later also seen during the scramble scene. The next 3 cars are all from FnF4: the Silvia S15 is David Park’s car (minor character) and is seen when Dom is hanging him out of a window just as Brian arrives. The S14 is in the race against Brian’s blue R34 and Dom’s grey Chevelle and a yellow M5. The Civic is in the background during Letty’s funeral scene. And lastly, the Subaru is used by Little Nobody during the submarine chase in F8.

    I am not interested in the RX-7 and S14 as the decos are pretty horrible (irrespective of whether they’re from FnF or not (the S14 from the original movie was much better)). But the Silvia S15, Civic and WRX are really nice. I’m especially liking the Civic because it looks near perfect. The colour choice (I mean it’s from the movie so there can’t be changes) is very appropriate and the wheels are spot on! I’m a Civic fanboy and this is a must have for me. I’m also a Subaru fanboy but I’ll wait till I see the WRX in person to cast a final opinion but this one is also looking good on camera Thanks for the showcase! Hope to find them soon!

  4. While I’ll say that Subaru’s own promos (made by AeroPro) are about the best one can get in terms of this maker, HW’s Impreza doesn’t disappoint. It’s also a little bit less expensive, has a metal chassis, as well as windows and interior (which the AeroPro do not). Thus, it’s definitely the one I’m post interested in.

  5. I’ll forgo the two with the silly decos, but I’m all over the other three. As was mentioned, the STi is the stand-out, but the Civic is mouth-watering too. Agree that the Silvia really pops with the black hood. I continue to enjoy the FnF line for the same reasons discussed in the write-up and the video…with the stocker-looking decos, the models can stand independently from the movies when you don’t have the packaging to clue you in. It’s the reason I’m so bonkers about the recent off-road batch. This premium line continues to be a great companion to Car Culture.

  6. Has anyone else seen in their area that Target has eliminated all their Premium F&F and all their Car Culture pegs? Looks like they will not be carrying these line in 2020. At least not in my area.

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