Hey look the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC Holiday Car! Come look at it, and take a special Hot Wheels collector survey to help plan Hot Wheels’ future while you are at it.

Click bait!!

The Team at Hot Wheels wants collector input, and they want it badly. So they have created a special survey for collectors to fill out. Obviously if you are creating lines specifically aimed at collectors, it helps to know exactly what collectors want. Hot Wheels has hit a lot of home runs with collectors lately, but why not hit more?

So they asked me to share this link to this survey, and they want ALL collectors to fill it out:

Hot Wheels Collector Survey

And what is the best way to get collector’s attention? How about a Sneak Peek? I told the Team I was happy to share the survey – and fill one out myself – but send me a sneak peek of an upcoming model to bring collectors in. So they did.

This Drag Bus is the 2019 HWC/RLC Holiday Model, being made available to RLC members soon. Hooray!

Now go take the damn survey!

14 Replies to “Hey look the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC Holiday Car! Come look at it, and take a special Hot Wheels collector survey to help plan Hot Wheels’ future while you are at it.”

  1. Information gathering excercise to target us with dedicated advertising no doubt, as if Mattel would ever listen to ordinary collectors when we constantly vent our spleens through the Lamley Group and nothing comes of it.

    1. Are you a RLC member? I think they’ve taken in plenty of customer input over the last 18+ years on HWC/RLC. I’d say more so than any other diecast manufacturer.


      1. Sure, but that is one small group, and compiling input is a never ending process. What collectors wanted 18 years ago or even 1 year ago is very different than what they want now.

  2. Maybe I am missing something. The survey seems to have an error. On the page “For each brand collected, what types of items do you typically buy?” it won’t let me go past it unless I select every box. So I quit the survey.

    1. Yeah I’m having the same issue. Guess I can’t finish the survey. John, hopefully you see this and can let them know.

    1. I’m pretty sure blaming the designers is not going to work because they’re not the ones at fault (quite the contrary actually). It’s the people in charge of distribution and pricing, etc who seem to be causing issues. Maybe their strategy could be working for the US?? But outside US (in India at least) the situation is just haywire (on one hand we’re getting premiums, although in very limited quantity, and on the other hand the mainlines are just all over the place. And it was not like this 4-5 years ago when we used to regularly get new models on time and even the old stock would clear out more quickly) and I’m saying this based on what I’ve personally seen going from store to store.

  3. Could not get past first page and it asked way to many personal questions anyway. Didn’t seem on the first page they were interested in my opinion more than my info!

  4. I filled out the survey and was glad to. Been an RLC member for 16 straight years I first joined the club to get cars with RLC NEO’S. Which cannot be bought nowhere else but the HOTWHEELS SITE for a decent price.I personally feel that “” ALL “” RLC Membership cars should come with NEO’S only. If you want to join you have to buy the car or get the RLC offerings on the secondary market. We know how much they will cost. That plus one or 2 other offers besides the Pink cars. Their are plenty NEO Collectors that are still RLC MEMBERS. So why nomore NEO’S ?

  5. I really like the XMAS CAR. I am a Drag Bus fan and was pleased to see it as our XMAS CAR. Even if it is not Spectraflame Blue.

  6. “…available to RLC members soon”? Wow!.. thought this should be released at least late November IMO. I would guess by the time it’s mailed out, the holiday would be over.
    Glad I got the Christmas Batmobile & I tried like hell to buy the Texas Hold’em Ford P/U as an added addition to my collection, but the system wouldn’t let me. That situation was so damned CONVOLUTED it wasn’t funny!
    Time to get some real IT people in the RLC Command Center!

  7. I would like to see the BUGATTI as an RLC Exclusive or maybe an RLC Membership car. I believe it would look great with NEO’S & Spectraflame Candy Apple Red. NEO’S for either or both release.I did do the survey.

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