Saturday Showcase: The forgotten Donks of 2006 Hot Wheels Hi-Rakers

I am not even going to try to explain why I like Donks. It really isn’t my place. I do, and I like them a lot, like I like a lot of car subcultures.

While a Donk is technically a 70’s era Caprice or Impala, the term has come to loosely refer to plethora of classic American cars sitting on unusually large rims.  And Hot Wheels went for it.

I missed on the Hi-Rakers when they were out in 2006, so I got a second chance when a grocery store in my area stocked a bunch of older cars. I bought four of the five, and completed the set via ebay. And today I opened them.

I know a couple of these castings have popped up here and there, but going full Donk wouldn’t be a bad thing. RLC will have a ’64 Impala Low Rider, so maybe we can have a ’63 Impala Super Treasure Hunt? Or a Car Culture Donk? Bring it.

3 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: The forgotten Donks of 2006 Hot Wheels Hi-Rakers”

  1. I found the old school monte carlo and Rivera in in thrift store bags and find them interesting. It is nice to also find stock counterparts as well. I have some of these as well.

  2. “Different’ is a good way to explain it. I’m not so sure I’d say when seeing a donk, it’s a cool thing to see, whether you’re into them or not. I would call it more like, gasping in horror at the sight. How about we agree that they’re an “acquired taste”?

  3. LOL I drilled/tapped them out and mated them with the chrome 1st edition stock-height bases. They look waaaay better, at least for my taste! I always liked lowriders/classics and the paint schemes were cool. I just much preferred the low sleek look. Definitely worth the effort though! 🙂

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