If you are up for a Sunday HW hunt, October 20th is the official day Kroger stores are dropping exclusive color Q Case Shippers.

It is a post for another time, but we should all take a moment to acknowledge the end of Kdays. Kmart Collector Days rode quietly into the sunset this year, and it is a bummer.

But it means a gap was created that needed filling, and two new entities have settled in. Brad at Orange Track let the world know about the Game Stop Hot Wheels event in November, but Kroger is in on it too.

No event, but Kroger stores are officially dropping exclusive shippers today. Many already have, but most have followed the instructions given and held them until today. They shippers have four exclusives, a couple of first-to-market, and Q case models. That means the purple Porsche Super and ’67 Camaro Regular. Oh, and you can jump on a mail-in as well.

My friend Kevork already encountered the shipper, and shared these pics of what to look for. Good luck.

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  1. I came across a couple of these shippers at a local Kroger affiliate a couple of weekends ago. It was quite a surprise and thrill, as stocking at most local big box stores has been sporadic to say the least around these parts since L case. I checked out with an arm load of cars for a change.

    I was all over the exclusive white Range Rover Velar and first to market silver Honda City Turbo II. The metallic maroon Custom ’56 Ford Truck is a real beauty that I highly recommend, but not a casting I collect. I had no interest in the exclusive Riviera and Electro Silhouette or the first to market Tooligan.

    The shippers were 90% full when I encountered them, however there was not a single basic purple Porsche 911 GT3 RS to be found. Still searching for that one.

  2. Went to my local gerbes(Kroger affiliate) and didnt find any hotwheels or shippers. Not sad at all because I left with some great chicken wings!!!! 😂

  3. PRETTY PLEASE – can someone please Pretty please get me a load of the White Velars, I adore this casting and having a real one as our car, i would love to have all versions, i am serious, i have the money ready to pay, and i am looking for a number of them – NOT ONE will be resold, just incase anyone thinks i am cashing in, i do not sell MBX or HW, the all get added to my 13,500 model collection.

    So, please if anyone can i would be very very grateful.


  4. Unfortunately, this offer leaves those of us in the Northeast out. We don’t have any Krogers or their affiliates here in Southeastern PA.

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