Preview: There is more to the Hot Wheels R34 Skyline & ‘62 Chevy Pickup Convention Exclusives than you might think.

I am not a diecast reviewer. Never have been. Reviewing diecast would be freaking boring. I’m a collector, who is in this hobby because I enjoy it. And it probably doesn’t need to be said that I gravitate to what I enjoy.

I say this because many times I will hear comments about how I only like stuff so more companies will send me free stuff or whatever. Those are always amusing comments. There is no way Lamley has run this long to get a few free models, and there is no way it could run on boring reviews. Imagine getting excited to do a full photo feature or video on a model I don’t like?

I do this because I enjoy the hobby. I like photographing models, and I like writing and talking about them. I like sharing. I also get a tremendous amount of satisfaction running this blog and YouTube Channel, and sharing what I like and what I learn with you. The day is coming that I will shut this whole thing down, but for now I really enjoy doing it, because there is so much to like.

And I really like these two convention models.

The Hot Wheels Convention is this week, in Los Angeles. I will be there later in the week, and as always plan to share as much as I can. Model features are coming, and of course I will stream the Mattel Sneak Peek Presentation at the Finale on Saturday night.

But let’s get on with these two models. The Convention Models are available to ticket holders to purchase during the Convention, and I have a feeling most attendees will max out their allotment on these two. The Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 and Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup scratch a lot of collector itches.

Neither has been a convention model before, and until the R34 hits the RLC later this year, none has gone ultra-premium until now. In fact, the R34 is a brand new casting, with opening hood, more detailed spoiler, and other enhancements.

Obviously the goal with these models is for collectors to buy them, and buy them in multiples, so the castings chosen will always be among collector favorites of the day as well as icons. That is why the ’67 Camaro, Drag Bus, Datsun Wagon, ’55 Gasser and others have shown up more than once. The R34 and ’62 Chevy certainly qualify as collector faves, but it is especially nice to see two castings that haven’t been used before, and represent two very popular elements of collecting today: JDM and classic pickups.

And the same goes with the deco. Don’t dismiss that yellow on the R34. It was done to replicate Lightning Yellow, a rare stock color for the Skyline, and going without any other deco is a wink and nod to the JDM purists out there. It’s legit cool no matter where it would have been released.

Same with the 76-themed deco on the ’62 Chevy. It is proper vintage and understated, focusing more on pure good-looks than over-the-top attention-grabbing. These two were made for today’s collector, and are bound to be crazy popular.

And that is why I like them. Sure, there are times the Convention models don’t strike my fancy, but I can always appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them. I appreciate these, but like them way more. Two home runs to be sure.

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  1. If there is one thing I learned since joining the blog is that your not about reviewing Hot Wheels or any other brand. It comes down to this simple fact, When we were all frustrated with Matchbox you were right there with us in most cases. You didn’t just take up for them. You actually went and found people who would come in and hear the frustration. For that I say this blog single handedly kept MBX from dissappearing forever! So if anyone gives you grief here it is. The smoking gun, your just like all of us!

  2. 1. To think that there’s another super-premium R34 still coming. Now that it’s had its day in the sun, what other car will get the nod?

    2. Naturally I await the big Sneaks presentation. Some models we’ve seen before, but I reckon the headlines are still yet to be seen (GT2RS? C7 ZR1? the last Viper ACR? A new Koenigsegg? R31 GTS-T? Retools? Maybe the GT3 cars get flat front ends?). Just kinda wish there are premium-first casts that get to the mainline too, and that we see them on the big list.

  3. Shut this thing down? I would be very sad to see that happen, because this blog has given me a place to make my opinion heard, and meeting other folks with the same hobby as me. But anyway, I know whatever you do you know what you’re doing. I’m happy that I got to follow you here. Maybe one day I’ll meet you too. Hopefully.

    Anyway, getting back to the cars, this Skyline may be one of the most beautiful Hot Wheels models made so far. The colour choice is amazing, and the details are tremendous. I can see this one being highly sought after in the future. The Chevy truck, though not my cup of tea, is also beautifully done. Love the purple shade.

    Alas, I doubt I’ll get my hands on either so my best alternative is to keep staring at these photos! So thanks for that!

  4. I also enjoy this blog. As far shuttting it down is your place not yours. In the meantime I like others will continue look at it while is still up and running.

    From the looks of it getting free a bonus but you are still buying a lot yourself as well. I like collecting what I like but I also to write a short review on some of my better model’s at least for myself to keep up on my other interest in writing as well. These are not for others just myself.

    In the end we all just like to collect what we like so people that give places like this to help share their interest is a big plus.

    For myself finding older diecast in good condition is my way finding personal treasure hunts. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Mr. Lamley, I’ve have a hot investor/collector tip for you. Check out the new Titan 64 Porsche’s coming out early 2020. Models inspired by Singer Vehicle Design.

  6. Thank you for everything you do. The eyes of the world are on you sir. Good folk taking 10 minutes out of work, kids and daily life’s chores to check out what’s new and about in the mad world of collecting. Companies should give and give you their goods. You do a great job of showing the world what they may get. Mbx deserve more for everything but that’s not your problems or fault. Thanks and keep up your great work for this site.
    👍😀…. Its educational.

  7. I swear I just watched a video of the Hot Wheels convention presentation on Lamley a week ago, but now it’s nowhere to be found. Were you forced to take it down for some reason? Most unfortunate, as I hadn’t had a chance to take notes on all the cool stuff coming in the following year.

    1. Sorry! I found it. It’s on the Lamley YouTube channel It looked like it was a post-presentation wrap up at first glance.

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