There are a lot of rad Hot Wheels ‘67 Camaros. The Fast & Furious Off-Road might be the raddest.

Seriously, I can’t tell you why. I can’t. It goes against all that I have proclaimed with my collection. But I love the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious ’67 Off-Road Camaro.

Why does it go against what I collect? Well, I have always said that I am really only interested in “movie” cars if they are just replicas of real cars. I am not that into KITT, or Batmobiles, of Mystery Machines, or even Fast & Furious cars with VERY SPECIFIC decos.

And this latest mix of Fast & Furious models is a good example. The Hummer, G-Wagon, and Defender are technically from the FnF movies, but the colors and decos on each are not specific to the movies at all. The Subaru is, with its deco.

The Camaro is very much from the movie franchise as well. I don’t remember the circumstances but a ’67 Camaro was modified to jump out of a plane in one of the movies, and this model is an exact replica of that. We don’t get it without the movies.

But outside of those modifications, the Camaro is a Camaro, with a real Camaro deco. It looks like the Camaro version of a Porsche 911 or 959 Rally, and thinking of it that way there are a ton of possibilities. I can see this model sporting a rally deco, and it would be an instant hit. My guess is we will see that.

So this model continues to grow on me. I was so eager to get my hands on the Defender and G-Wagon that I didn’t give much thought to the Camaro. In hand, the Camaro might surpass all of them. Might.

There are a lot of ’67 Camaros, a Hot Wheels icon. I have a small sliver of them, and I really like them. But I like this new one more.

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    1. For me personally, it all comes down to the paint job. Love the casting, but the two-tone paint ruins it for me. All blue or all silver and I would be all over this one in a heartbeat! As it is, it is only slightly less repulsive than the blue & orange Silvia.

    2. Thanks for the link. Nice car! So what you’re telling me is I totally need to buy this one… and then cover it in sponsorship decals to make it look like a proper rally car? Like I said, I’d very much be into this one if it were done more stock, in a single color. What I failed to mention is I would also be interested in this casting done up as a realistic rally car (or as closely as Hot Wheels can mimic with all the licensing involved). As it is, this release is neither, just some odd in-betweener that doesn’t hit either mark. I don’t knock anyone who likes it, it’s just not for me.

  1. I think I know what he is talking about. I too like the movies but can not get too serious on the plots etc. They are a bit silly after awhile but make for a few hours of getting away from realty. The cars coming of the these is great though. Ones like the Jetta are one that otherwise might not be made into models. As to the Camero they are people that do mods like in real life to cars like the Camero. As to being used again will depend on who has to rights to the design. The movie studios may own them . As to the Subaru it is made in other decos as well and is nice casting. The movie deco my just a bit over the top for this reviewer..

  2. I think one of the reasons this Camaro works so well for you in spite of it’s existence as a movie prop is because converting street cars into “mudders” is kind of a “thing” in a certain sub-set of car culture currently. People are doing it to all kinds of cars, I even remember seeing a write-up about someone on Jalopnik a while back that did it to a Bentley Continental GT, of all things. So this Camaro kind of taps into that little niche of car culture, regardless of the fact that it’s really just a movie car.

    Maybe I’m off base for you personally, but I know that for me that’s why this model is so appealing.

  3. Yes, people do all sorts of horrible things to their cars, “stance” for example. Doesn’t make them cool. I suppose I could try to look at this as an extremely mild Mad Max car.

    1. One man’s “cool” is another man’s “crap”. I personally like the idea of adapting a street car into an off-road machine. It’s why the rally versions of the Porsche 911 and 959 are so cool to me. Why NOT a Bentley Continental, or indeed a ’60s Camaro? Those cars are just as ill-suited to off-roading as a stock Porsche 911 but that didn’t stop Porsche…

      1. Rally is one thing, bog racing is another. Bentley has a history of cross country racing, so an homage to that could be cool, but not if it’s a monster truck-styled caricature.

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