The first Hot Wheels 2020 models are showing up in Australia

It always seems early, but it is not. The Hot Wheels 2020 Basic year is beginning. My friend Ben Wright sent over these pics of his finds in Sydney, Australia, this past week, and now I am clamoring to see the 2020 A Case myself.

The Subaru is the star, and the R32 a beauty, especially since we know it has an accompanying Super lurking about. The Jeepney is in this case as well, and looks fantastic.

Of course it always seems early when the first models of 2020 come out, but this is right on schedule. The funny part is that if you talk to anyone who works at Mattel, these 2020 basics are a distant memory. They are already well into 2021. It is all about context.

Thanks Ben.

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  1. This is how the R32 should’ve debuted last year. If only this one had front lights, this would be the definitive R32 imo. Speaking of definitive, the Impreza is just beautiful!! The casting is perfect, proportions are pretty spot on, and the colour + wheels combination round it off perfectly. Now we don’t know what all new models there’ll be in 2020 but this is possibly in the top 3 imo.

  2. These are sharp, can’t wait to grab both. It’d be neat if Hot Wheels would do a gloss finish on some of their wheels…the Impreza would look amazing with gloss gold wheels (or perhaps “powder-coated” is the correct term) like the real thing.

    1. Yes! I’ve been thinking the same thing. Sure, the chrome wheels are part of what has made Hot Wheels what they are, but they also began and came of age at a time when most vehicles on the road sported chrome not only on the wheels, but adorning bumpers and many parts of the body as well. But times have changed. Chrome bumpers are all but gone, with the exception of some trucks. Few new cars are available with chrome wheels anymore and much of the chrome trim has also been banished from the bodies. We’re seeing more and more Hot Wheels with black, gray, white or other color painted wheels in recent years. How about testing out some silver or gold painted wheels? This would make for a much more realistic representation of many modern cars that you’d never see in real life with chrome wheels.

  3. Love that Subie! Glad they did the STi and glad it is debuting in the iconic blue and gold. The detail all appear to be there. I’m guessing the scale is a tad large compared to mid-sized and large cars, but alone it looks fantastic!

    The real R32 has been one of my favorite Skylines, being the model that introduced me to the nameplate. And that introduction was with a gunmetal gray car with matching gray wheels. So this release should be highlight for me. Unfortunately, the card art looks much better than the car we get. I keep thinking this casting rides a bit high on its wheels every time I see it. I would much prefer no side graphics, as they don’t add anything in my opinion. More importantly, this car begs for front and rear tampos.

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