Hot Wheels RLC Chameleon 240Z: You need to order it. You need to open it.

Today, 9am Pacific, another RLC frenzy ignites. The Hot Wheels Redline Club really has been nothing but fire this year, and now it changes color.

If you are an RLC member, you don’t need me to tell you to be on your computer, phone, tablet, abacus, etch-a-sketch, or whatever you use to order models this morning. The Chameleon Z is today’s beauty, and you want it.

Thanks to Kenji at Greddy, I was able to do a very early video feature on this model, and it totally lives up to the hype:

I took photos too. I like my photos, and these are cool, but honestly, you just need to have this in hand, preferably out of the package. It deserves it.

You see the purple, and the green, maybe a little violet or pink. It turns other colors too. Look at the card art. It can’t replicate what is happening. My photos can’t. Neither can my video. You need to open one up and put it in the sun.

This is the Custom 240Z casting, which debuted as Sung Kang’s FuguZ in the basic range. This specific premium version, with a diecast chassis, and even better, a mini version of its Greddy guts and opening hood, made its debut as the 2018 SELECTIONS model:

Exact same model, two totally different looks. You already know you are getting one. All I can do is tell you that you won’t regret it if you do get lucky, for whatever that is worth.

7 Replies to “Hot Wheels RLC Chameleon 240Z: You need to order it. You need to open it.”

  1. Been RLC member since 2001 when it started – signed in 20 minutes early, went to waiting room, sent to order form after 10 minute wait, order 1, then red & yellow gears started spinning on screen when I clicked ‘complete order’. Then, after another 15 minutes, screen went back to log in, and when I went back to cart, it was SOLD OUT! Second time RLC has recently failed me. Not happy.

  2. These opening parts need to be a part of premium releases found in stores. After all, Tomica is now found in Walmart, and from what I’ve seeing, is selling OK.

  3. That redline club custom 1972 datsun 240Z is awesome. 👍I’m not a redline club member. So I couldn’t get one. But I will be on the hunt for it.👍

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