An early look at the Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case

Our friends in New Zealand have been getting all kinds of good stuff lately, and now that includes the final Hot Wheels Basic Case of 2019, the Q Case. Cobra at Diecasttvchannel came across the Q Case, and posted this video:

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  1. Wow, thanks for that sneak peek Cobra! There are some great cars coming in the Q case. I can’t wait!

    My favorite has to be the Aston Martin Vulcan, but also super excited for the new Jaguar XE SV Project 8 and Alpine A110 castings. Nice to see the Jaguar XJ220 back as well as the Lamborghini Huracán. The black Hot Wheels Race Team Mustang looks good too.

    Strike 2! The purple car was neither a Pagani Huayra nor a McLaren Senna. It’s actually a McLaren 720S. 😉

  2. Good stuff on the way for sure. WHEN it’s coming is another story…

    I must have missed when the Alpine A110 was announced, because I had no idea Hot Wheels was doing one. Very exciting, and good to see it in its proper color. The Vulcan also looks badass.

  3. Highlight for me is easily the Jaguar Project 8! Very beautifully done casting, with all the right details and tampos. It probably won’t win the best new model award (against all the heavyweights) but it’s right up there.

    Second highlight for me is the return of the XJ220. I love the real car and have a soft spot for the HW casting.

    The Porsche GT3 RS super is also another highlight, probably one of the best supers of the year.

  4. Dude that rat rod-looking thing looks sick!!!! I also like the Cougar, Super Snake, and the Grafittied Chevy too! I have a number of Graffiti lowriders and that Chevy will fit right in!

  5. Wow those new Q Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

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