Squarebody madness takes a twist with this upcoming M2 gem

M2 Machines dropped this preview today:

I don’t need to say anything else. That is simply an incredible model, and I have to have it. Must have it.

Squarebody fever is at a…well…fever pitch, and we should just all embrace it. Hot Wheels continues to give us theirs, Matchbox too, and now AW and M2 bring their unique takes. This one might be the most unique.

9 Replies to “Squarebody madness takes a twist with this upcoming M2 gem”

  1. Hideous. While I would like to see chassis-cabs for the sake of those of us who want to scratch-build our own bodies–this ain’t it.

  2. I’m not a fan of M2. I only have one product of this brand: a Dodge hauler w/ car carrier, and a matching 66 Charger, all in MOPAR livery. They look nice, but the quality control is piss poor. They’re not 1:64, more like 1:55. And for the $17 I paid for the thing the truck and trailer don’t even have metal bases. I’m sure anyone who’s seen the singles in the plastic cases can attest to the rattling from broken pieces on the cars. Seems like the brand is designed to stay in the packaging, because once you open them up they’re a mess.

  3. Living in the UK I’m not exposed to M2s and I haven’t seen one I wanted enough to import one, but that has changed now. I love this, I’m a big fan of the shark mouth designs.

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