The ‘33 Ford Coupe is the next Matchbox 9-pack Exclusive

A quick heads up that the next Matchbox 9-pack is out, along with a brand new exclusive.

Lamley Friends David Dombrowski, aka @nitrous_diecast on Instagram, recently found it in Canada:

It’s a nice pack, and it is has a great exclusive. The ’33 Ford Coupe returns to the shelves after its first run in last year’s Dirty Mudders 5-pack, going from a satin rust color to flames. David took all these pics, so a huge thanks to him.

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  1. Matchbox is really getting better with their 9-Packs. Usually, I’d buy them to get the exclusive, and one or two castings I couldn’t find in the 5-Packs or mainline they were originally issued. The other 4-5 would end up being fantasy castings or otherwise, ugly due to graphics or window color (or just plan ugly castings). Not a one that would be unwelcome in my collection–except I already have the Moon Eyes pickup from the Coffee Cruisers pack.

  2. My local Tesco has just started to stock. Looks like various 9/5 packs and so on. £5+£8……. £1.25 for singles..,. I haven’t a clue to when they were put out or what they might of had?….They have sold /selling fast. I found this 9 pack today with the blue highways. To be fair what a good bunch. Still the mini cooper ?!….meh.. Good to see back. I hope these stay at that price and they are not just an intro Price. Sell cheaply = sell more. … Kick this brand up here in the UK. Other outlets to sell in due cause also. The mbx singles were mixed with hws tho in a hws plastic blue tray. I think a stand would have been good with MBX logo’s.

    1. ?! Also 2010s line up of various?! Old box stock found in just my local. Tatty packaging with new stickers placed on back…. Forgot how the Jaguar xk 120 looks!…. Blast from the past somewhat. …. Maybe old stock too put out in other places in UK?….. Or just my branch one off found in their warehouse.?… Still £1.25…!….

  3. I just saw this one and the other one with the same exclusive ’33 Ford Coupé at a local supermarket, these two are barely the 3rd and 4th Matchbox 9-packs to ever appear here in Lima, Peru, the first ones were both the ones that came with the Lamley tow truck just a few months ago…
    They sell them for over US$20, though… 🙁

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