The ‘33 Ford Coupe is the next Matchbox 9-pack Exclusive

A quick heads up that the next Matchbox 9-pack is out, along with a brand new exclusive.

Lamley Friends David Dombrowski, aka @nitrous_diecast on Instagram, recently found it in Canada:

It’s a nice pack, and it is has a great exclusive. The ’33 Ford Coupe returns to the shelves after its first run in last year’s Dirty Mudders 5-pack, going from a satin rust color to flames. David took all these pics, so a huge thanks to him.


2 thoughts on “The ‘33 Ford Coupe is the next Matchbox 9-pack Exclusive

  1. Matchbox is really getting better with their 9-Packs. Usually, I’d buy them to get the exclusive, and one or two castings I couldn’t find in the 5-Packs or mainline they were originally issued. The other 4-5 would end up being fantasy castings or otherwise, ugly due to graphics or window color (or just plan ugly castings). Not a one that would be unwelcome in my collection–except I already have the Moon Eyes pickup from the Coffee Cruisers pack.

  2. My local Tesco has just started to stock. Looks like various 9/5 packs and so on. £5+£8……. £1.25 for singles..,. I haven’t a clue to when they were put out or what they might of had?….They have sold /selling fast. I found this 9 pack today with the blue highways. To be fair what a good bunch. Still the mini cooper ?!….meh.. Good to see back. I hope these stay at that price and they are not just an intro Price. Sell cheaply = sell more. … Kick this brand up here in the UK. Other outlets to sell in due cause also. The mbx singles were mixed with hws tho in a hws plastic blue tray. I think a stand would have been good with MBX logo’s.

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