The latest Matchbox 5-packs celebrate the Autobahn, Rescue vehicles, and I guess the August Holiday Season

Keep your eyes open for the latest Matchbox 5-packs. One I think most of you will want, another will be gobbled up by emergency and Subaru collectors, and the last I think will stick out like a sore, but festive, thumb.

Nerdilicious member and RCR @hw_jay found all three tonight at Target, and sent over some pics:

The holiday pack is actually pretty cool, but a little early. Who honestly cares though? Those of us who want it will get it, and I am sure more will sell as the weather gets colder. The Rescue pack is a must because of the Subaru. The others go in the donation pile.

But that Autobahn set. Wow, that is nice. That is a true 5-for-5 when it comes to my collection. Seeing the Volvo V60 and Lamborghini LM002 return after a short absence is great, but I am particularly keen on seeing two 2007 Hall of Famers, the Audi R8 and Bentley Continental GT. It is a tremendous pack. Look for them, obviously, at Target.

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  1. The Autobahn pack looks great, except for the Merc. Wish they’d used something better instead of that (I feel the GLE has been overused recently as this is the 4th version in just one year). Anyways, happy to see the R8, Bentley and Volvo back!! All three of them looking beautiful. And the LM002 is as close Matchbox will get to an unofficial Fast and Furious version so that’s nice as well. The Subaru in the other pack is looking great too, but that’s a steep price to pay for just one model.

  2. Obviously at target??? WT… I don’t know where your target is but it must get everything from the state of Colorado bc none of the target stores have anything.

  3. Like Peter, My local Target is garbage for diecast in general, and Matchbox particularly (you’d think having dropped singles altogether, they’d be a bit better at keeping the 5-packs stocked, but nope). So hopefully I’ll be able to find the Autobahn pack somewhere, Target or elsewhere. It’s definitely a keeper, though like BlackWind, I wish they’d picked a different Mercedes – maybe the recently resurrected SLR McLaren, or the CLS. I’ve low-key hated the GLE Coupe since they introduced it, it’s just a blob. That model aside, it’s a killer pack.

  4. The description of the emergency vehicle pack as worthless grates like a cheese-grater, or fingernails on a chalkboard (chalkboards, for those who don’t know about them, used to be in every classroom in every school….but not so much any more–and ‘scratching’ your fingernails across the graphite surface is akin to screaming bansheees inches away from your ears). For the longest time, collectors have asked Mattel/Matchbox to make “emergency vehicle” multipacks have vehicles that appear to belong together….fire trucks/rigs that share the same fire department livery, police cars that belong to the same agency–kudos for the Texas Patrol 5-pack, for instance; and this particular emergency set has THREE ‘vehicles’ with the same “SA Fire Services” livery. That, to me anyway, is a BIG PLUS. I believe we’re getting a “Working Rigs” Pierce Velocity aerial in the same “SA Fire Services” livery sometime in the 2020 ‘model year’ as well, so THANK YOU MATTEL AND MATCHBOX for hearing our voices and responding in such a positive manner! Can’t wait to find all 4 rigs at local retail in the next week or two (a pipe dream, probably…)

  5. I hope some high ranker at Tesco looks at this site or Mattel UK and so on. To be honest I have not a clue of what is coming out and when it should have been out and so on……. I honestly don’t know how this brand is going to be blended in with Tesco’s current outlays of carousel own brand generic and Hotwheels priced at ££££!!!!!….sadly generic pegwarming… How much?… What are we getting?…..or missing out on?…..when?…. Siku has it correct . A lovely stand, guided books with dates of releases and also what they offer!!!…. Also you can order off their website… I hope Tesco does this for our only placed exclusive when it…….comes….Matchbox stands and so on to kick this brand up…. Great 5packs above…..The v60👏 make use of this estate more…….. The GLE looks squashed and odd…. But its ok…Hopefully heading up the route M25 stuck at Dartford or by sea at lovely Grimsby….

    1. yes you can order off the Siku website, but they ONLY deliver to Germany and Austria, i am trying to persuade my cousin to take in deliveries, for me, she lives in Germany, and then send them on, I hope the answer is yes, as there is so many lovely Siku models coming including the new Range Rover, that i want set up an account…. I have one with Majorette, and a few others, but Why cant Mattel do something like this, they would clean up, make a fortune, no middle men, just profit straight in the bank. it is really like they do not want to sell their products in Europe, i cant understand how the board of directors is allowing this, as it directly affects their share price, and income.

      1. Heck, Mattel even got rid of their online shop altogether in the US–I think the whole idea was to prevent competition with the major retailers. If I don’t see it at my local store, I can’t buy it there. Yet, Mattel would get all my money, not just the wholesale price to Wally World and Dollar General, if I were to buy cases from them. Seems there’s only a tiny handful of diecast dealers that sell cases to individuals.

  6. Siku and majorette are great at the moment for what they offer .Some a bit pricey tho. Also alot of everyday up to date vehicles of which we can relate too. The Dacia’s and euro styled trucks ect. The accessories siku offer for kids/collectors etc is amazing. Ferry boats, bridges……. Real looking. And not fantasy dog heads or massively plastic dragons bum holes for kids to put toys cars through…..The thing is these brands haven’t alienated its own origins and so on. Matchbox would do well here again…. But!….. Juggling two of the biggest brands. We know what is priority. Make use of both?!…. We’ll see… 65th and 50th..,… Chuckle… Could have done it then….From I have seen from what Matchbox offers…. . Nice lineups. Just don’t cut corners with various ….. Well everything!!!

    1. Getting hold of Siku here isn’t really a problem as a lot of franchised Toymaster and Toyland stores stock them as well as larger Entertainer and Smyths Toys stores. Majorette would do very well here with their Eurocentric dominated line up and but a much vaunted and hyped relaunch here by Majoretteuk on Instagram has turned into a very unfunny joke and hugely disappointing. They have given lists for a small number of independent toy shops to cover the entire UK and Northern Ireland which is bad enough. Worse still I have rung several of these stores out of interest and NONE of them stock Majorette or know anything about them!
      Let’s hope Matchbox arrives at Tesco this month as predicted with not just basic singles but also multi sets like the ones above.

      1. Lol…looked on majorettes uk Instagram site. Very bizarre! Nothing in Norfolk tho. So…… Blue Suffolk is mentioned but …… Very bizarre. Some good things to come from them. I think they will stick to their word and stock to their intended destination in due cause. They seem very proud of their products. From what of scene from quality and so on. I want some! Sadly matchbox has messed up so much and let down. These are what matchbox should be now and more . …

      2. Good news for Matchbox at Tesco….. Nothing in my local 2 branches in Norfolk yet. The big branch has no sign of stocking mbx. Still early……… late days!👀

  7. It is strange how majorette has over advertised somewhat….. Or falsely reassured to movements?!….. Again we’ll see . I tbh was never majorette fan. But lately my eyes are opening…. The only winning brand here is HTI teamsters thingy Bob blobs…. Hats off to the owners. Distribution is great and plentiful…. … Beating other major brand’s.!!!… Tesco again?!!! …..,… As above Jon I hope she says yes!!!…… They have some which are different country released… Eg st john ambulance set in NZ ….I want£££!!!!!….. Happy collecting both👍😁

    1. The Autobahn 5-Pack is a standout. Nothing whacky looking, or garish. For sure, I will be picking it up.

      The other two are a bit of a letdown. I’m an emergency vehicle collector; but compared to the NYPD and Texas Rangers 5-Pack; the “To The Rescue Pack” is an outright embarrassment. The Pierce, Trail Tracker, and Subaru is nice; but the highlighter pink dune buggy seems out of place. The Rescue Helicopter is an example of why so many collectors hate Matchbox generics. I feel castings like Pit King, Glass King (and the porta potty truck based on that casting), Skidster and Hazard Squad are what MBX generics should be; as they accurately represent everyday vehicles. Yet, castings like this year’s backhoe, Tree Lugger, and this rescue helicopter aren’t. They are fantasy, poorly-proportioned, and hideous.

      The Christmas 5-Pack, when announced by the Matchbox team, was originally going to have the Willys pickup; yet they chose a generic monstrosity.

    2. We need a whole lot more licensed emergency vehicle liveries in the Matchbox lineup. We only get a handful per year. The sheer numbers of Siku’s International line and especially Majorette’s SOS line is staggering. I am sure Majorette makes more country-specific and licensed liveries in a year than does Matchbox. I think with Majo, every country in Europe has their own series of accurate emergency vehicles. And better yet, more realistic castings as well. Only issue I have with them, is with few exceptions, most are hard to get outside of mainland Europe. Heck, Majorette is actually even making an American helicopter ambulance (Mercy Flight, out of New York State)

  8. On the rescue 5 pack: It’s a bit crude to say ‘donation pile’ for the whole pack other than the Subaru. The Dash is a great licensed model with a really cool new deco. I was hoping Matchbox would bring back the 62 Mack Pumper, which has only had one singles form (red) and one 5 pack form (lemon yellow). Actually, the Dash may be near the record for number of deco versions made, particularly in recent years. But it is a great licensed fire engine and this deco is quite striking. Over all, I think this pack could appeal to collectors more with the selections, but frankly, I think Matchbox markets to kids mostly with the 5 packs.

    Target needs to get it’s act together. Or perhaps Matchbox needs to work harder to convince Target to get their act together. Or Both! Target’s diecast lags too much behind Wal-Mart’s and it would not be too huge an expense to make sure you carry Matchbox singles, moving parts and Working rigs, along with a small space for Autoworld. They mostly refuse to budge on this even though it’s a relatively cheap way to make customers happy and coming back. Matchbox needs to apply more pressure–particularly because Matchbox agrees to carry exclusive to Target merch at times.

    On the other hand, Wal-Mart’s relationship with Matchbox never seems to have been better. It’s limited in small Wal-Marts, but almost every one carries a healthy amount of singles. In larger Wal-Marts (such as the one in my town) they are carrying singles, 5 and 10 packs, color changers (blah, they still make those!?) moving parts, Superfast, Working Rigs, the occasional box of quick grabs and exclusive lines.

  9. The Autobahn set is a no brainer. All 5 models will have a home in my collection. The LM-002 is a nice casting, but I’ve always felt it to be on the small side. The Audi and Bentley look great and the Volvo and Mercedes round out this set nicely.

    The Subaru is nice enough in the Rescue set, but not a must have. For a buck, sure… for 5 bucks, I’ll pass.

    I suppose the Holiday pack has some decent castings, but for me… in the middle of summer… I’m just not feeling it.

  10. I stumbled on to the “holiday car” 5 pack today and it was the only one in a packed display making me wonder if it was an inadvertent early release?
    By the way:
    Dear Mattel, Please lose the majestically excessive political correctness and put “merry Christmas” on at least one of your “holiday cars”.
    There’s really nothing wrong with stating the obvious.

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