Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Team Transport Falken and Nissan sets with new wheels

Late last week I got word that a wheel variation was going to appear on the latest Team Transport set. I even got an example of each:

Cool right? The Fairlady Z from the Nissan set and Mercedes-Benz 190E from the Falken set will be getting new wheels in a very short run. Wheel variations happen for many reasons, and I don’t know why specifically this happened. (It usually happens when the line needs to keep on running and the current wheels ran out, but I don’t know specifically here.)

I was told it would be a small number, and I figured I would get the news out in time. That was before the first variation find was reported on the LGG Facebook Group by Yangfaqir Lagihakir in a case he bought.

Yeah would have been surprised too. I can’t remember if we have seen wheel variations on Car Culture models before, but this is legit. Mattel said so. So keep your eyes open.

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  1. lucky me. got a couple of these variations in my 5cases. and Silverado as well from the AOS event. loving em

  2. Which came first? The chicken (exotics) or the egg (6 spokes)?

    I’ve not seen these yet in VA/DC suburbs area and don’t know which will hit here first.

  3. This wave of Team Transport has so far been elusive to me. I’ll definitely want both the Mercedes and Nissan sets, but don’t need the variations. So which are the original wheels and which are the variations? I prefer the wheels on the left.

    1. Wheels on the left are the variations. And yeah for some reason this mix has not shown up yet in my area. Keep seeing the last mix restocked with the Super Nova missing every time of course. Luckily I found the Super Nova early.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. The good news is these have finally appeared in my area. Well in a Walmart way out in the boonies anyway. They had 4-5 sets each of the Mercedes 190E and Super Nova. No Fairlady Zs unfortunately. I was just so glad to finally get my hands on that sweet teal Falken Tire Merc! The Nova has been quite scarce up till now, but it’s not one I’m collecting. I’m keeping my eyes out for the Z.

        Oh, and the wheels on the 190E were the original 6-spoke.

  4. Ugh this mix still hasn’t even shown up yet in my area. The last mix keeps getting re-stocked for some reason.

    Prefer the original wheels on the Mercedes but I definitely like the new wheels in the Nissan. Hope I can find that one.

  5. Wow, look at everyone commenting how they can’t find them and here I am sitting in a country that doesn’t even get these (and I am NOT going to pay $20-30 each to import these). I was lucky enough to win the BRE set yesterday in a raffle but other than that my chances of getting the other sets (for reasonable price at least) are close to none. (the only one I may be willing to pay that much to import is the upcoming Jag E-type, but let’s see).

    Getting back to these two, the Merc does look nice on the 5 spokes, which give it a bit of 90s touring car feel, but the Z, by all means, looks better on its original black wheels. Cool variations indeed, but only for hardcore collectors.

  6. The mix with the Skyline and 510 are clogging up the pegs big-time where I am…complete peg-warmers, both of them. I’ve yet to see this mix at all, and the fact that the pegs are filled with old product is worrying.

    I think I prefer the smaller rims on the Benz (more period-appropriate IMO) and the black wheels on the Fairlady. That said, I’d be happy to find anything.

    1. I am completely dumbfounded that this BRE 510 is pegwarming as bad as it is. I mean it seems to be virtually untouched at most all Targets around here. Aren’t Datsun 510s supposed to be the hottest thing? Or has that trend finally passed? I realize there have been a few BRE 510s over the years, but this is the first one available to the general public (right?), so I was thrilled to finally be able to add one to my collection.

      Luckily I found the Skyline early on, because it has disappeared completely from my area since that first sighting.

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