The Hot Wheels Japan Historics 3 lineup has been revealed, and it is the deepest JDM mix yet. So what will they look like?

The photos from the Art of Speed Convention in Malaysia have been circulating all night, and the latest are of the unveiling of the Hot Wheels Car Culture Japan Historics 3 lineup:

Three new castings (three!) plus a new diecast chassis for the R30 Skyline. Those three new castings are a stare right back at us collectors challenging us to put our money where are mouths are when it comes to JDM, and it is fantastic.

We’ve discussed the CP311 Silvia already, in fact we’ve showcased the prepro with the guys who know as much as anyone, the dudes at JDM Legends:

After that comes the Mazda Cosmo, a true JDM icon that stands next to the Toyota 2000GT in showcasing early why Japanese Cars should be taken seriously worldwide. It has been on the want list for so many and it is finally here.

And a Datsun Sunny Pickup. We thought the Laurel and C210 Skyline were deep. Keep swimming. This is a complete treat.

Add to that the R30 (the model shown is the basic release from last year, but is obviously getting a diecast chassis) and Honda City Turbo, JDM icons themselves.

And what will they look like? These are early prototypes obviously, so color and deco have not been revealed. Hot Wheels won’t stray too far from how we envision these cars for a premium line, so prepare for realism and some real good looks. I cannot wait to see the finished product and, of course, Julian Koiles cardart.

Look for these in 2020.

10 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Japan Historics 3 lineup has been revealed, and it is the deepest JDM mix yet. So what will they look like?”

  1. Finally we get a Cosmo! Long time coming. Good to see the Datsun truck and Silvia too, those will be super nice. Skyline is also cool but I hope it’s not the same colour scheme as the basic red. The only one I’m not too excited for is the City. Not my cup of tea.

  2. So far 3 Car Culture sets revealed for 2020 and none are Exotics. 🙁 Come on Hot Wheels show us Exotic fans some love!

    1. Been saying this ever since Car Culture was started. We’ve got the yearly exotic 5 packs but those have gotten boring now with ugly graphics and same cars used again and again. I’d be happy (as happy as John is after finding his holy grail) if Hot Wheels does a CC exotics set, with plain colours and full details. God, I can already start wondering what all cars I’d like to see in it (the list is huge).

  3. Japan Historics has been an absolute delight through the existing two mixes, and this mix will continue that (and I don’t even consider myself a JDM fanboy). These are just really great models, and anyone who likes cars at all can see that. I can’t believe they’re just now getting around to doing a Cosmo! Keepers, all 5.

  4. Wow all of those new Japan historic 3 cars coming out are all awesome. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  5. Great looking set. However I’m going to echo some comments above by saying that I too would love to see a CC Exotics set. I feel there’s a lack of variety this year – for me, I really loved Shop Trucks and Dragstrip Demons last year but there’s been nothing of that sort so far.

  6. That R30 Skyline looks tasty! But the one I’m most looking forward to is the Mazda Cosmo. I’ve been dreaming of this one for some time. Please do this in white. The Silvia was a surprise when it was revealed awhile back. Looks spectacular, but I can’t help but notice the exceptionally wide tires. Looks odd and out of proportion. I sure hope these aren’t the final wheels/tires. The Datsun is nice and I may pick it up, but It’s not one I’m crazy for. I was thrilled with the basic release of the Honda City and it was one of my favorite new models last year, but I’m not so sure this translates to premium.

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