Cat is out of the bag: Toyota is back with Hot Wheels.

A couple more pics from the loot HW Designer Steve Vandervate brought with him to the Art of Speed Convention in Malaysia:

The Supra tells you all you need to know about the Toyota license and Mattel. The Chevelle and Supra tell you that the beloved Boulevard name is back as well. Excited?

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  1. The Supra is like a bonus model to compliment the Street Tuners set (just like how the Skyline van complimented JH2 last year). It’ll be hoarded for sure. I’m also excited to see what other Toyotas we’ll see from HW and MBX (Lexus LFA please!!!!😭😭).

  2. I really needed something to pick me up. Now maybe they can complete the F&F premium hero cars. Would love to see the ’70 Celica in a premium line also.

  3. Yes I’m excited for Toyota being back with Mattel and for the Toyota supra and the chevelle and for boulevard being back. πŸ‘ I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. πŸ‘

  4. It’s great having Toyota back.

    Now can we have Ferrari back too, pretty please? You could have every other Car Culture mix be all-Ferrari for the next year and it wouldn’t get old.

  5. Nice! Looking forward to the Supra. Glad it’s back. Perhaps the best it’s ever looked. The Mustang also looks nice, but I think I’ll just be after the Supra.

  6. I must not have been paying attention…when did HW lose Toyota? Glad that the partnership can continue now.

    1. FYI Toyota won’t their production cars to be appeared in any toy brands (except from Asia and Pacific) and even video game titles, especially for Need For Speed and Forza series. Every people all over the internet was figured out why this should’ve been happened.

      But now, Toyota executives at Japan (because possibly they make the decision) is finally given up of their license issues with brands outside Japan.

      1. Majorette has been doing Toyota. Johnny Lightning too. So it may have been a specific issue with Mattel.

    2. Not sure where my comment disappeared to, but I was wondering the exact same thing. A little searching and I discovered the white Supra from Walmart’s 2017 Fast & Furious line, that Lucky889 mentions below, was the last one released. So just a short 2 year hiatus.

  7. I am going to go out on a limb here. What people think is the M3 looks to my eyes as a hatch and not a notchback. Also the grill does suggest it may be the very legendary Lancia Delta Integrale. For obvious reasons HW can’t produce it with famous M&R logo; but scrubbed of lettering the Italian Totip paint scheme would look innocuous enough. Please Mattel make it and save me the trouble of scouring the net for the Tomica model and paying $100 for it!

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