Hot Wheels id is hitting Amazon and HWC in a big way today.

Let’s just start with the link:

Hot Wheels ID on Amazon

Go there and check it out and learn for yourself. Hot Wheels id is now available on Amazon, and that includes a new batch of models. Follow the link and you will see the models available under “Premium Vehicles”.

I’ll have a showcase up soon with these models, but you can get the GT-R, Camaro, Tesla, and Pagani on Amazon now. The Batmobile is listed but showing unavailable at this point, and the Miura? It’s on HWC:

Hot Wheels ID Bundles at HWC

HWC is now selling id Bundles, and it looks like the Miura is there, ready for the collectors to grab. And the portal is available both at Amazon and HWC.

More to come.

6 Replies to “Hot Wheels id is hitting Amazon and HWC in a big way today.”

  1. Really liking the looks of these cars. I’m getting ready to order the “Speed Demon” ’70 Charger right now. The HWC price of $40 on the portal itself makes it far more attractive to just buy to mess with. I just wish Twin Mill would become available separately.

  2. In german Amazon, we have some other models also! But listed für 12-13 Euro! So I ordered on With shipping to Germany, it was still cheaper than on

  3. Those new hotwheels ID cars coming out are all awesome .👍They’re all my favorites.👍I pick up 3 more today at the apple store .👍

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