Two years, two red Hot Wheels Audis.

I like Audis. Of course there is Audi heritage, something I see the rally fans lose their shit over. Show them a classic Quattro, think Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Of course I can appreciate that era, and I totally do, but if I am going completely from a personal perspective, my love for Audis started in Brazil in the mid-90’s when I wandered onto an Audi lot in Curitiba and beheld the 80 RS2, or the RS2 Avant.

Having grown up in a wood-paneled Ford Wagon, I had no idea wagons could look that cool, and drive that fast. And I was sad I hadn’t – and wouldn’t – see one in the US.

But I got a similar car a few years later. I could drive it, but I could keep it. It was the RS6 Avant by Matchbox. I was so happy they decided to make that car, and it has been an upper-echelon model for me ever since.

And since then, even though there are way to many Audis on the road, I still have a soft spot. The R8 to me is one of the best looking cars around, and I will always enjoy any Audi with an “S” in its name.

So I was stoked when we collector nerds finally got another RS6 Avant last year, this time from Hot Wheels. The casting is stellar, and to debut as a Super Treasure Hunt was extra cool.

And now it has a companion, the RS5 Coupe.

In red, sitting on Y5 wheels. Rad.

I am still partial to the wagon, but I’m digging the RS5 too. Honestly, the RS5 on its own might be a tad boring, but it is well executed, and it is more about growing the fam.

It’s nice. That sounds a little less-than-enthusiastic but it is nice. It might not generate the buzzy buzz of its N Case mate, the Bugatti Chiron, but it really is a nice model, and one that fits in with everything else Hot Wheels is doing.

And plus, a Zamac is coming. Not bad for its debut, especially after the wagon debuted as a Super. Just another great new model this year.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of the RS5 in real life so this doesn’t excite me much (M4>RS5 imo). Audi does estates best, their saloons and coupés are a bit meh. But I’ll be happy to add this to my collection. Sitting it next to the RS6 is the obvious comparison but I’d also like to see this next to the M4.

  2. The new Audi RS5 coupe is a great new casting. 👍 I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. Having seen the ZAMAC, the RS5 seems to work best with neutral colors. If I can’t get the sweet unpainted example, I hope we get a silver, Nardo Grey or white (with Quattro/Audi Sport livery, mayhaps?) recolor.

  4. The more Audi’s the merrier. Nicely done casting.

    On a side note. I really wish they used these same Y5 wheels on the blue version of the RS6 Avante. They look perfect on that casting. Oh well.

    We also need a new R8 casting. It’s been awhile. A 2019 Audi R8 casting would be amazing! Tell the Hot Wheels team we need it John!

  5. I love the RS6, especially the blue one. I hope Hot Wheels Will do one in Nardo Grey soon. I haven’t seen the RS5 yet but it’s not my favorit Audi model. To really want to make me happy Hot Wheels should do the RS5s big brother; the RS7. That would make my day.

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