Preview: Hot Wheels Team Transport Mix 4

The next batch of Car Culture Team Transport is on its way. Three sets, one a repeat – the Black Hole Gasser, which has been hard to find anyway – and a duo of supercool licensed cars.

Mattel sent the mix over and I posted the preview last night. Photos coming? Yes, photos coming.

8 Replies to “Preview: Hot Wheels Team Transport Mix 4”

  1. Awesome new car culture team transports you open up and you reviewed congrats .👍I will be on the hunt for both of those and I can’t wait to add both of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. Not digging the Falken Mercedes set-up.. would have worked better to have that livery applied to a Porsche 911 period!
    The Nissan Fairlady TT on the other hand.. watch out scalper freaks.. i’ll be waiting around the corner of a store isle so please be careful!

    1. Yes! if you see them middle aged white haired scalpers, just knock them out with a nerf rifle for me, will ya…

  3. Yeah, they might be balding & bulbous wearing windbreakers, but the one in my area i’m trying to confront, is a loser who likes to put dog ear bends in the cards… after he takes what he wants, he damages the ones leftover.

  4. gaaaah that Nissan set is too cool!!!! Glad the Gasser is a repeat though, I’ve yet to find one…I had a chance at the Skyline set but I feel like that particular deco has had a long run (albeit in different colors), but I did pick up the BRE 510 set.

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