Preview: Matchbox Kroger-Exclusive Candy Series

Coming to a Kroger near you. That means, Ralph’s, Food4Less, Smith’s, City Market, Fry’s, and a whole lot of others.

Matchbox indulged its sweet tooth and went full candy for this Kroger set, and they sent me a set to preview. A nice mix of licensed models, packaged in some cool car art. Here is a look:

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  1. When Matchbox had posted these on the Instagram page some months ago, I said “Meh, another pegwarmer like most HW Pop Culture lines”; but it’s really growing on me. Problem is, Kroger’s closed their two nearest locations to me, and I will have to drive over a half-hour away to get to one. If I still had the Kroger 10 minutes from my house, it would be 1000X easier. But if I do, the Baby Ruth Mini Panel (to stay as-is, and another to detampo), Sweetarts VW (as-is), Butterfinger 3100 (as-is, and detampoed), and I’ve got to get that highlighter pink Chevy Silverado just for the sake of having it (detampoed, of course).

    1. Yeah, visiting my nearest Kroger-related store involves an overnight road trip or a flight. Whether I like these or not, my chances of finding them are pretty slim.

  2. Meh, I’m not sorry none of these retailers have a presence near where I live. I’d pick up the Mini Van, only because of my love for the casting, but I’m not terribly broken up over missing out on these. Not really my thing.

  3. I actually really like the art on the package more than the cars. Ha! Looks like when the Fair comes to town!

  4. I’m not too heartbroken about not finding these. They’re okay, nothing too great. I do like the artwork and that Sweetarts Volkswagen Panel Bus would probably be my favorite. I just wish they had front and rear detailing to compliment it. That’s what Hot Wheels would do. But I don’t have to worry because I’m on the east side of the country with no Krogers.

  5. “MATCHBOX” CANDY SERIES in Krogers but coming to most parts of North America and the Rest of the World…. Sweet F.A.

  6. Now I have even more reason to be bitter that Kroger has closed all of its stores in my region in order to convert them to Harris Teeter, which charges 2-4 times as much for the same food.

  7. Kroger exclusive? Why?

    I mean, these are some really sweet 😋 (pun not intended) looking cars, (I want the VW Van, Austin Mini, and the Chevy AD 1300), but that’s not fair to collectors that don’t have any Krogers in their area. 😢😣

  8. Kroger exclusive? Why? 😣

    I mean, these are some sweet 😋 (pun not intended) looking cars (I want the VW Van, the Austin Mini, and that Butterfinger Chevy truck), but that’s not fair to collectors who don’t have any Krogers in their area (I live in New England, BTW). 😢😣😤

  9. These don’t really don’t interest me much. My local Kroger affiliates are still sitting on deep stock of the last Hot Wheels Pop Culture candy waves.

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