Another overlooked Tomica Limited Vintage: Toyota Townace Wagon 1800 Custom EX

Here is another TLV from the collection that hopefully makes you smile.

As a refresher, I am essentially grabbing TLV’s from my collection at random and showing them here, just to give those new to the brand an idea of what TLV is all about.

Mainly TLV is about realism, quality, and true scale. No matter what they make, every detail that can be present in 1/64 will be there, the quality will be second to none, and the scale proper 1/64.

Beyond that, it is about mostly stock vehicles, from a variety of carmakers. TLV has yet to tackle American cars, and they have dabbled in European cars, but they are mostly Japanese. And that is where is gets fun. The plethora of car nerd favorites like the RX-7, GT-R, and Ferraris have brought many new folks to the pool. It is now time to really swim the deep end.

That means models like the Toyota Townace Wagon (or van).

TLV has done four Townace, plus two versions of the Daihatsu equivalent, the Delta. I picked this orange/yellow version to start, but I might swing back to the others at some point.

The Townace was a minivan before minivans, essentially growing from the LiteAce pickup. This version I guess can be called a first gen, although it is a little later in that silhouette’s 1970’s run. That is all the history I will give, because I want to focus on the variety of models TLV produces, and this certainly qualifies. So much so I should have taken a photo of it with the F40. That is about as opposite as you can get on the TLV spectrum.

(Find TLV at Japan Booster)

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  1. I picked out the all white Townace from a recycle shop in Yakosuka last time I was in Japan. It was a little pricier than I would expect at a second hand shop (I think 1600 yen) but they had a fairly decent selection for a store that doesn’t cater to scale car collectors. They had quite a few well worn cars too and that was quite the change of pace.
    I’ve since acquired the other white one with wood paneling. That one is by far my favorite of all the ones offered.

  2. There’s something about TLV and their less popular castings, Gives you a true look into the Japanese streets of the past. Really that’s what Tomica Limited Vintage is all about.

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