Preview: Hot Wheels Pixar Pizza Planet Truck and all of 2019 Entertainment Mix 3

Let’s be honest, Hot Wheels Entertainment has been a little bogged down by themed assortments that have hung on the pegs WAY too long. Batman, Halo before that, and a few others. That is in direct contrast to Car Culture, where the themes are a big part of the line’s popularity.

What works with Entertainment mixes is variety, and cool models of course. And that is the case with 2019 Mix 3. A video game Bone Shaker, a Subaru WRX STi, Deadpool’s next entrepreneurial endeavor, a Bond car, and yes, Pixar’s favorite Easter Egg.

The Bond Aston is a repeat, but everything else is fresh, and bound to be popular. Mattel sent over a set to show to you, so enjoy.

This should be out this month.

10 Replies to “Preview: Hot Wheels Pixar Pizza Planet Truck and all of 2019 Entertainment Mix 3”

  1. Awesome new entertainment cars you got, you open up, and you reviewed congrats. 👍They’re all my favorites. 👍 I will be on for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. My favourite is the WRX. Love the model and this is a pretty nice looking version. I heard this batch will be available in my city soon and this car will definitely be going home with me.

    The Bone Shaker, Pizza Planet truck and Deadpool’s Ice cream truck are all cool and I might get the last 2 as I’m a fan of both.

    As for the Aston, I wish they’d used the DBS instead of the DB10, as that’s a much better model (both HW and the real one) and one that I actually want to add to my premium collection.

    1. Same here! I really wish they’d return to the old packaging style so these could match the other releases I have hanging on my wall.

  3. Well I already have the DB10 from the last time around, and I’ve said plenty of times that the Bone Shaker isn’t my cup of tea. That leaves the the other three…I’ll probably pass up the Deadpool truck, though I am a fan of the movies. If I can find one of the Subarus I’ll probably pick it up, as I missed out on the vastly superior Car Culture version…this one’ll be the consolation prize.

    The obvious pick of the bunch, as stated in the video, is the Pizza Planet truck. I’m of the Toy Story generation (9 years old when the original came out) and I’m beyond excited for this model. This is one of the very rare instances in which I’d be tempted to order one online if I’m unable to hunt one down in stores. I think the only thing that could possibly make the model better is if it came equipped the seasickness-inducing wallowy suspension it always seemed to have in the movies 😉 Seriously though, this is one fabulous model.

  4. DB10 again? Seriously HW’s? I think the other four in this batch has something here for everyone, but the DB10 will AGAIN, be the recipient of the Peg Warmer Award of the year!
    You have to have something to fill the spaces on the shelves so it might as well be that familiar face we all know! Ok, ok.. so i’ll say something nice about it.. wheel donor!

    Go Subaru!

  5. I’m VERY scared! The bug eye Subbie was a bear to find in Cars & Donuts, and that time around it shared a wave with 4 other great models. This time around the WRX is the only one of interest (to me) in the bunch. I fear it will be a rare find indeed!

    OK, so I’m on the fence about the DB10. I already have the basic and I passed on this premium version the last time around. Do I really need it? Not a fan of those wheels at all. They look so dated and old fashioned. They really need to develop something new that’s a better fit for these type of modern sports cars.

  6. The DB10 has been played out, even though it’s a nice casting. The Bone Shaker is nice, and I won’t leave any behind, as they are always good base swaps. I just wish they would have used the narrow rear wheels (like the Ultimate Chase) so I might have had more wheel donors for 07 Silverados. I will definitely get multiples of the Deadpool truck, as that is the only part of my own collection that benefits from this release, and the faded/rough paint looks great on the truck. The Subaru is fantastic, even though it’s not something we collect. I just think they could have done better on the wheels. And finally… the Pizza Planet truck… simply put, WOW. Definitely nailed the “Toy Story” look and feel of the piece, and I’m sure it will be the longstanding prize money piece of this release, and likely any other premium retail releases of 2019. Let’s hope I can find these in the store!

  7. I should definitely mention how fantastic Lamley’s new studio lighting looks. I absolutely love the multiple points of light washing over the tops of the cars being showcased, silhouetting the top while leaving much of the bottom in shadow. Glorious!

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